3 Keys to Improve Your Power

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3 Keys to Improve Your Power

If you are anything like me, you love Henrik Stenson's golf game. He has a great blend of power and accuracy. No other player on tour has 120mph of clubhead speed and is ranked at the top of the world for both driving accuracy and greens in regulation.

In this video we will go over 3 keys to taking Henrik's power and putting these motions into your own game. Learn how you can improve your shoulder turn, load the right leg better, and release all this energy into the ball.

I look forward to working with you much more on your golf game.

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Joshua Frelix says:

chuck needs a new hair do

brown55061 says:

I love Henrik’s swing, and his tempo is closet to mine that I’ve found so I
love to compare myself to his form. Clay, do you advocate the hands pressed
forward at address? I tend to drop my hands right back to where they were
at address so it seems like that could give me a tad more lag without
thinking about trying to do it. Just wanted your thoughts. I love the
website, I plan to get a membership and start recording myself.

JuliusJueLi says:

Compared to Tiger or Rory, Henrik’s swing looks easier and less effort. 

Michael Hatton says:


niki frikendala says:

JJ Ayers says:

Great swing. Just turn off the volume and it’s perfect

james eadie says:

this is a great swing if your Henrik Stenson, players should develop there
own swing

sonicdeviant says:

Left shoulder back and up? Won’t that cause a player to overly flatten
their backswing? I’ve found that left shoulder back and down keeps the
posture (forward flexion).

1madud3 says:

i died laughing watching this video in .5 speed

williamwilson666 says:

Lag is a myth. Mike Austin covers that nonsense decisively and decades ago.

Naufar Fauzi says:


RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

I agree W. Jones. The longest, straightest hitter on tour at the moment!
~Clay Ballard

John Pace says:

Where does he position the ball with his driver? Middle of his stance?

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

He positions the ball off his shirt logo. With his wider stance that gives
it the appearance of being too far back. With a wide stance you won’t be
able to get all the way to your left or you would have to sway. ~Clay

W. Jones says:

This guy huts the heck out of the ball. You can see the shaft flex in his
long irons.

fradaja says:

3 keys 1 learn to swing, 2 get strong, 3 stay supple

acheam wake says:

Notice at 3:45. At address, Stenson has a shift off the ball into his
right heel before the club moves and before he turns into the backswing. I
have copied that move and it is doing wonders for my swing.

fradaja says:

what you are looking at there is a big strong supple athletic guy with a
huge arc, doing exactly the same thing as luke donald,

fradaja says:

i love this bullshit “if you move your hips the same ammount as your
shoulders you aint gonna get a lot of power” prey tell Einstein, what
exactly is Power?and why will it diminish when you don’t move your hips as
much? don’t forget to tell arnie and jack while your at it who both had
massive hip turns 

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