► In this video, Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman look at the most underrated drivers of 2023. They turn the microscope onto some of the brands and models that might not receive the most attention this year but are well worth considering if you are in the market. In our testing, these drivers are all worthy contenders both in terms of control and distance!

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11 thoughts on “3 MOST UNDERRATED DRIVERS IN 2023!

  1. I went for a PXG 0211 and have not been disappointed. No adjustability but this facility is a nice to have NOT a must have. In playing golf I have adopted the mantra “play with your head not your ego”. In buying clubs the same should apply. Play well guys.

  2. Great video, I love driver reviews but I just find it hard to take the prices seriously when you know a PXG 0211 is available for £199 with an adjustable loft sleeve and range of fitting options.

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