In this video, Kit Alexander looks at the things nobody really tells beginners golfers when they start to play. Here, Kit offers some simple advice on how to get as much enjoyment from the game as possible when you start. Golf can feel fairly impossible at the beginning but it is also an incredible sport – kit's advice will help you get the foothold you need!

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  1. 1 – heard constantly by beginners.
    2 – again told constantly.
    3 – nothing new.
    4 – "using new muscles" heard plenty.
    5 – some of the most common advice.
    6 – 8: seriously did you play as a beginner in complete isolation?
    9 – calling it now, there's nothing new for new golfer's here ????
    10 – All right, only going to add to this if he actually does say something new players aren't already told regularly.
    14 – okay this isn't regularly hinted at, most tell them to drink alcohol.

  2. to new golfers, you will hit all over the place when you first start and feel frustrated but that first par hole or long chip putt hole and you will be addicted and be back every time you can. Be wary of accessorizing with gear you think you need but you don't but you buy anyway, youtube videos will help alot with little bits of your game. The most important thing is your significant other, explain that you are not addicted to golf but using it to give them time to do the things they want to do without you nagging that your bored or you want to go home. Good luck new golfers and happy fairway hunting.

  3. Lean forward. I was playing golf badly for years, standing upright. I did not realise you are supposed to lean forward until I finally started having golf lessons. My game immediately improved when I started leaning forward, but for years NOBODY told me this. Applies to putting as well.

  4. Hey mate.. Thanks for the tips, As a high handicapper i need all the tips i can get.. Im about to upload my very first video so a little scared to show the world how bad i am haha cheers mate

  5. Surprised it wasn't mentioned definitely stretch and warm up before playing for like 5 minutes to prevent injury and stop playing once you feel discomfort. When I first started I was playing through back pain and I was stubborn and didn't stretch or rest and it only made it worse. I had to stop playing for like 3 months for it to fully heal

  6. As someone getting back into the game after years this is a great little reminder series for starting again. Etiquette was always a big deal at the local club and your tips are perfect.

  7. Beginners worry about how people perceive their game. Most people don't care about that at all! Understand this one thing: the only things you'll ever be judged for are completely within your control, even as a beginner. You'll be judged by experienced golfers for playing too slow, your attitude, and your respect for others on the course. These are all in your control. Be ready to play your shot when it's your turn, don't take more than 2 practice swings, and pick up your ball if you've hit more than 2-3 over par (or pick up and move forward to much further down the fairway if you duff it more than once). Remember that you're a beginning golfer, so don't expect to hit good shots, and therefore don't get mad because you don't. My favorite saying is, "You're not good enough to be that mad." As for respecting others, you'd do yourself and everyone around you a HUGE favor and watch a video or two on course etiquette before you play. The best way to respect others is to simply pay attention. That way you'll know when others are about to hit the ball and where they are so you're not in their way.

  8. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks after what felt like walking and stalking for a left handed golf club set. Had my first round yesterday and to be honest, happy I just managed one double bogey after a day of triple bogeys (obviously the default, I had way worse than triple bogey on every other hole) ????. Super stoked for the adventure, it’s been a while since I’ve felt this passionate about a sport.

  9. When parking your cart next to the green, do so on an imaginary line drawn between the pin and the tee box of the next hole. In other words, don’t part the cart short of the green, or even next to the green parallel to the pin. Rather, park past the pin so that when you’re finished with the home you are walking away from the hole and out of the way for the group behind you waiting to hit.

  10. Watch your playing partners ball so you can help them find it if it goes into the woods. It’s so nice when they do it for you and know almost exactly where to look for yours.

  11. If you're new you can call courses and ask when they are typically slower. Some courses 30-40mins from cities don't even do tee times cause its so slow. Go very early. You can go whatever pace you want as you don't have people ahead or behind. Couple courses I play I usually go a whole 18 without anyone being within 4 holes of me. So peaceful. Can take an extra hit or two, practice chipping or putting. Sometimes I'll play two balls for a hole and see which I do better with lol.

  12. I may be an oddball, but wear what makes you feel comfortable on the course. I understand that some places don't allow jeans, but others have relaxed their dress code which helps new players that you wouldn't think would enjoy golf to come out and play.
    Don't act like a snob to those you think that can't play. They may be just having some bad luck. It happens to all of us at some point and time.
    On the course, everyone is equals there to enjoy the game. Don't bring drama into it like Happy Gilmore.
    Fix your divots. and clean up after yourself. Your mother isn't there to clean after you. Leave the course better than when you arrived.
    Forget trying to act like a pro. Play for the fun.

  13. my tip, having started a year ago, don't let people pressure you into scoring your game if you don't want to. My mother, who has been playing for ten years, pushed me into getting a handicap before I felt I was ready. It almost killed my enjoyment of the game. Luckily I went out on my for a few games after that and just had some fun.

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