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3 Must do's to hit better iron shots. in this golf lesson Matt fryer talks you through his 3 must do things with your irons to see that you hit better iron shots. When playing golf, if you hit your iron shots fat or thin or even top them it doesn't feel very good at all! On the other hand if you follow the steps in this golf lesson, you will start to get the compressed that we see from the likes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, that feels a lot better.

Video filmed at Warrington Golf Club – https://www.warringtongolfclub.co.uk/

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Hi I’m Matt Fryer, welcome to my channel MattFryerGolf. This YouTube channel is to help you play better golf and love the game even more!

I specialise in golf lessons, golf club news and other entertaining golf content.

I you want to play better golf I cover all topics in my golf lessons such as, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons consistently , master your shortgame and hole more putts.
I will also help you lower your score by giving you plans and tips on managing your game out on the golf course, with course vlogs and golf course scenarios, so you know exactly what to do you find yourself in a tricky situation.

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On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content from golfing trips I go on, showcasing some of the best golf courses and resorts in the world and giving you advice on where to visit and which golf courses to play.

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Enjoy your golf!!


1richardmiles1 says:

This Hat though Matt

Darrell Cook says:

Thanks Matt, love your lesson delivery.

Khaizal Ozlen says:

Tip #2 sounds good for me. Must remember this and try on the practice range. Thanks @Matt

Bjorn Pienaar says:

Pissed myself with that shocker of a shot cause I am a newbie and do that way too often!

Jonas Bygdén says:

Have to ask – How many tries did it take to hit that top for the video?

John Seibert says:

Been struggling with irons as of lately
Will try to get back on track with this lesson

BATESest1635 HARRY says:

Awesome content! Thank you!

M Kaz says:

Another great instructional video. One thing I do that helps me with proper shaft lean is invision my left hand (right handed golfer) hitting the back of the ball with the back of my hand at impact.

T O says:

A bit too much talk, Matt.

Brian Mellor says:

Just what I needed, thanks.explained simply so easy to follow

Roman Kogalin says:

appreciated..thx it works

AJ Bischoff says:

Super great tips

Robert Mazzarachio says:

Great video and instructions, I appreciate what your saying as I struggle with hitting shots off the back foot , after watching the video I believe I can correct this issue Thanks Matt

scott costello says:

That was hilarious beginning

white4571 says:

Dude, the first rule of teaching is to never show what not to do…always show what to do….adjust your videos and they will be so much more effective. Rock on!!

Gary Kreutsberg says:

Why keep showing me what not to do. Show me what I need to do

Steve Bee says:

Great video…thanks

OP-FitSports says:

Great that helps for sure ! Thanks Matt 🙂

John Kirkham says:

Brilliant but simple been doing all the bad shots fatting thinning slicing noticed a difference straight away by bowing my lead wrist therefore angling the club shaft! Keep up the good tips 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Mark Young says:

Excellent presentation, thank you for your time posting this.

R Jugmohan says:

Hi Matt, Loved your 3 simple tips. I was having a problem with my lead hand being to far forward. Sorted out now. Thnx a mill….

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