This iron swing TECHNIQUE is SO EASY you'll be SHOCKED

This is the irons golf swing technique that is so EASY you will be shocked at how you can now strike the golf ball. I have seen golfers hit the golf ball longer & straighter after using this simple technique with their irons. In this video from TOP 50 world coach alex elliott we show you how to stop thinning your irons golf swing shots, to what is the best way to strike your irons with the perfect iron golf swing technique that will allow you to be a consistent irons golf ball striker you will be shocked

Iron tips must be simple and easy as iron is so hard to hit easy to hit fat or thin! We all want to hit your irons longer, hit your irons straighter, hit your irons further, hit more greens. So many golfers can't hit their irons pure and this is the best way to strike your irons pure with the L shape golf swing irons golf swing technique.

This is an iron tip for any level of golfer. Beginner golfer, mid handicap golfer… This is a simple iron tip that will help you square the club face, hit your irons straighter and hit more greens and fairways. This iron swing TECHNIQUE is SO EASY you'll be SHOCKED

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24 thoughts on “This iron swing TECHNIQUE is SO EASY you'll be SHOCKED

  1. This is crazy; ive been bitten by golf a month ago. Been playing 3-5 times a week.. and just this morning i was drinking morning coffe and watching golf videos with the sun coming in before heading to the golftrack. Come upon this video, and for the first time i didn´t loose a ball all 9 rounds. I hit evry tee-shot like 7/10 times pretty damn good. This tutorial actullay worked!! lets goo thanks

  2. My irons absolutely kill my game. They never go straight. They are straight and flawless at the range. Once I hit the course they love to draw and go left. Drives me mad. Hitting the green in reg is the key to lower scores and this I find is where my game goes stroke up

  3. do you have tip to help to stay behind the ball at impact? I have a tendency in my backswing to go way too far where my upper body goes towards the target. Then on the through swing I am in front of the ball right through impact. Any tips?

  4. My swing wasn't doing so well. No idea what I was doing wrong but I needed some help. Saw this video about the "L". Tried it the next day and shot one of my best rounds. Don't know why this works so well…but it does. My ball hit the flag stick on 2 approach shots! Thanks for sharing such great tips.

  5. Perfect lesson! I was playing in Phoenix this past April on the Stadium course at TPC Scottsdale and Steven Alker was literally doing this with his wedges over and over. He could throw a blanket over the balls they were so close.

  6. Not true, I consistently hit the ball better when my arms fold. My back does not go higher on my back swing and don't need to worry about cocking my wrists.

  7. Hi Alex, great video again. This has brought it all back to me as I used to do a similar drill when I was younger and playing good golf but alas was lost in the sands of time. It was a drill by Sir Nick called the pre set drill ?

  8. Yeah you’re still the fucking man in terms of simple golf lessons. I’ve gotten soo much better after using your tips. Still waiting on the tip to get more lift on all my clubs though

  9. Hi Alex , your so blessed to be golfing still, here in Canada we got snow on the ground yesterday , courses are closed and will be untill April hopefully but probably May …how many months do you get to play golf?

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