“Stage 1” If you play Golf DO THIS DRILL to start. Golf Scientist Dr Kwon on Be Better Golf

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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CJH says:

Amazing swing, you looks like pro now . Amazing drill and instruction.

BingeCenter says:

Lol the safety walk lol

v&v walker says:

This is such a good session

TrueJay says:

How much does Dr Kwon charge per hour? $1k/hr I assume?

Jared Gordon says:

Can this work for irons too?

Captain Nemo says:

What he says just makes a whole lot of sense. I really like him a lot. Watch his lectures on biomechanics of the golfswing!

Faithful Lee says:

You are the best 👌 💓 ❤

Brian B says:

@markcrossfield you'd find this interesting given your quest for clubhead speed.

rmljr52 says:

Hello. I am using the swing rope for swing plane and have been working with the Step #1 drill. What is the theory behind this drill what is the goal? Timing, swing continuity, using the body rather than relying upon the arms during the swing? All of the above?

David Emerick says:

More active backswing motion is very interesting ⛳️🇺🇸💯

Greg Suske says:

Find a student that will shut up

Serge Sa says:

That contradicts a lot of golf instruction. But he! what can I say. Science happens! What Kwon says is absolute gold.

Alex says:

It’s so cool seeing David Spade get swing lessons from Dr Kwon

Ph E says:

Guy tries too much to be funny and react on the wise comments….

Yoris Wilson says:

Wow. Just….wow!!!

hammockmonk says:

Some of my longest drives have come when I was thinking “just 3/4 downswing.” It’s strange but amazing.

Crispy Duck says:

i’m not sure I’d stand in front of a glued on clubhead being swung that fast 🥲 great video though and glad Dr Kwon survived it

Jeff Behringer says:

You can almost feel like your back is to the target as long as you can. You think your shoulders won’t open but they do when they need to even though they don’t “feel” like they are. Great information.

caravaggio 1571 says:

Hallo Dr Kwon, unfortunately i have to point out: please don't stay in the line of action, if the clubhead comes off by chance, it might hurt you…just my 3 cents

Phil K says:

all the clips i’ve seen are drivers .. other than ball position how would iron swings change if at all?

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