Rory McIlroy Swing Analysis 2019 | Golfing World

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Quantum Potential says:

I'm gonna use this advice to one day win a golf tournament. Thanks 🙏

Jimmysage says:

Zero spine tilt got shoulder stack though! There shouldn’t be spine tilt it’s all in the shoulders

sawy78 says:

I just completed reading through these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) a week ago before going out and placing the routines to the assessment. I had been at it for 3 decades, but I was amazed that my swinging skills was still improved. Aside from that, the practice exercises also helped modify some small but important positions that I once thought did not matter.

Thendo Ndwamise says:

I want to swing like rory

Joshua Beckey says:

I thought this was a swing analysis?

Aidan Griffiths says:

Don't remember the last time I seen him drive a ball way off line. It's incredible. Sure he hits bad ones, into the rough, but never wayyyy off the course. His misses are so small. Fantastic

steven lee says:

I feel like I'm watching planet earth

Ana Darlene says:

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Garth Fairfield says:

Thx I learnt nothing!

The Midnight Golfer says:

great stuff

Emira Blondell says:

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MT PGA says:

Who said "Choke Proof swing"?

초짜프로_젊은 은퇴 says:

놀랍다 놀라워!!!!

Peter Cavellini says:

This swing isn’t for everyone, you have to be fit, very fit and strong, this isn’t a weekend Medal swing,

Alit Atmaja says:

Thank you Rory for the tips

Hosoi Archives says:

Lol you can't have a choke proof swing

LifeofBrian says:

Now he needs to make his putting stroke choke proof

SuperRayrobinson says:

He missed the cut two weeks ago, does that mean he choked then ? No not at all , he is just match fit now that’s all. Best player on the planet.

pete mama says:

You have to be good at everything not one thing.

The Game changer says:

He’s just hit a bit of form. It’s what happens when the best players in the world hit form.

He doesn’t tilt his spine away from the ball on purpose so stop telling amateurs wrong information. his right hand is lower on the club which lowers his right shoulder.
The reason why he hits up on the ball is the ball position in his stance nothing else. It’s hard not to have the ball forward in your stance when using driver because the club is so long so it’s not something that needs to be mentioned really.

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

This woman is asking us to do something that is impossible. Our brains can't know where all of our body parts are in a swing. You don't hear Rory talk about body parts. All we can control is our grip, posture, and focus. A wide stance constricts our ability to turn our hips. DON'T LISTEN TO THIS DINGBAT!

James Baron says:

terrible title

Ben Hulgan says:

I believe he was in the zone this passed weekend. Choke proof. No way. All it takes is one small thing to be off in golf. Never ever say choke proof LOL

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