3 Simple Golf Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips | ME AND MY GOLF

3 Simple Golf Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips – In this video we show you how important it is to clear your hips in the golf swing and how it can generate so much power in your golf shots. We will also be providing you with 3 simple drills to help you clear your hips and hopefully get you hitting your golf shots a little further down the fairway!

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0:00 Intro.
03:49 – Footwork drill
05:11 – Centered knees drill
06.51 – Foot pop drill

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10 thoughts on “3 Simple Golf Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. All good until the end U serious bruh I’m suppose to take ur advice bro that’s a horrible shot u know his buddy was like ur killing me smalls ??????

  2. New viewer here. Saw you with Danny Maude and was so impressed with your simple to understand, logical approach to teaching. Looking forward to viewing more videos. Great job.

  3. Really good ideas for the problems with turning the body. Both are speaking so fast und now I had additional subtitles in the video. Unfortunately they are also coming and going extrem fast for reading them and moreover they are placed, where you normally see the ball-hit or the feet. I think, that's not a good idea. I'm German speaking and it would be helpful, but not in this way. But a really good video again….thanks!

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