2 Simple Drills For More Club Head Speed

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2 Simple Drills For More Club Head Speed

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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19 thoughts on “2 Simple Drills For More Club Head Speed

  1. Hi Clay, I’m somewhat young and have great flexibility I can get to where you’re getting and I naturally twist my hips like that from years playing baseball I know I have a very late release in my swing because of my natural slice, even when I do the things mentioned in the video I only hit the ball about 200-230 yards with my driver. 1. If my swing is consistent should I change it? 2. If I fix my slice will the ball go farther even tho I already rotate my hips shoulders when I swing?

  2. Hi Clay, my name is Freddie Prince. I have enjoyed your golf instructions. You are blessed with simple fundamental that help me to understand the golf swing and how to compress the golf ball. Thanks

  3. Clay… I’ve been golfing for 15 years and your videos have helped my swing more than ever before. Thank you for helping us amateur golfers. We sure need it ?

  4. so i was playing and trying to use lower body ,shoulder turn then i was missing on my short irons it was fustation on 60 yard shots im shore i was coming up not hitting down on the ball

  5. This good drill helps me a lot, thanks.
    From the moment of impact to the finish, I wonder the exact posture of the left elbow left wrist.
    I think this part is important to get to the finish move, but there are not many videos of this part.

  6. Clay -GREAT vid, and useful for so much more than just lag. It is impossible to do this drill while early extending / not rotating. This drill is better than all of the chair/wall drills on YouTube for early extending.

  7. Hi Clay – how do you get a smash fact of 1.5 with a 4 iron. I thought the maximum was 1.43 (based on data from Trackman). Am I right in thinking this is forward shaft lean?

  8. Hey Clay, during this drill, are your wrists extremely "loose" or soft? I tend to get stiff on my backswing. Whats the swing thought on the wrists?

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