2 Simple Drills For More Club Head Speed

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2 Simple Drills For More Club Head Speed

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Jumwum says:

Hi Clay, I’m somewhat young and have great flexibility I can get to where you’re getting and I naturally twist my hips like that from years playing baseball I know I have a very late release in my swing because of my natural slice, even when I do the things mentioned in the video I only hit the ball about 200-230 yards with my driver. 1. If my swing is consistent should I change it? 2. If I fix my slice will the ball go farther even tho I already rotate my hips shoulders when I swing?

Freddie Prince says:

Hi Clay, my name is Freddie Prince. I have enjoyed your golf instructions. You are blessed with simple fundamental that help me to understand the golf swing and how to compress the golf ball. Thanks

Biagio Vultaggio says:

Clay… I’ve been golfing for 15 years and your videos have helped my swing more than ever before. Thank you for helping us amateur golfers. We sure need it 😀

Waldemar Miotke says:

Nice drill, does the club come from inside towards your right shoe??

Vim9654 Mitt says:

U r the best and make things easy to understand in golf swing.

walter bresnen says:

so i was playing and trying to use lower body ,shoulder turn then i was missing on my short irons it was fustation on 60 yard shots im shore i was coming up not hitting down on the ball

최재원 says:

This good drill helps me a lot, thanks.
From the moment of impact to the finish, I wonder the exact posture of the left elbow left wrist.
I think this part is important to get to the finish move, but there are not many videos of this part.

Scott Harmon says:

Clay -GREAT vid, and useful for so much more than just lag. It is impossible to do this drill while early extending / not rotating. This drill is better than all of the chair/wall drills on YouTube for early extending.

Redsocksphan says:

Hey guys, you ever heard of the “Tennis Racket Drill” ? Just kidding fellas! Great videos!

SAMaxLegend says:

Excellent drill Clay, makes perfect sense. Tried it out at the range and I got similar very consistent results.

jacob belmontes says:

Awesome video

Beqs. Kirikou says:

i watch the perfect swing like 50 times lol

Beqs. Kirikou says:

i been watching your video for 3 month and improved so much it crazy

Golden Gate says:

Thanks for demonstrating this drill with a long iron… it conveyed a lot … the only thing you didn’t mention was to repeat the drill a minimum of 400 times … #topspeedgolfREPSQUAD

buzsaw says:

This drill really helps me keep my butt back on follow-thru! Are you toe up at parallel on takeaway and follow-thru or slightly closed?

Tony Martin says:

Hi Clay – how do you get a smash fact of 1.5 with a 4 iron. I thought the maximum was 1.43 (based on data from Trackman). Am I right in thinking this is forward shaft lean?

Drew Plommer says:

Hey Clay, during this drill, are your wrists extremely "loose" or soft? I tend to get stiff on my backswing. Whats the swing thought on the wrists?

Boss 420 says:

Lmao I tell my self befor my shot as I swing "to the sky , tuck it in " an i hit some good shots

Harrison Qi says:

thanks a lot SIR.

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