3 Simple Steps For Effortless Golf Swing Consistency

Effortless golf swing that is also a consistent golf swing must be a reliable one. A Simple golf swing. A golf swing that you can use for many years to come playing, getting a better golf swing and score results. See this video on Core backswing, arms dropping in downswing and getting through to a full golf swing with balance and power. it's as simple as 1,2,3

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simple golf swing 3 steps
Step 1 Core backswing rotation is key
Step 2 Downswing simple feel of arms dropping
Step 3 Core through impact and golf swing release
Plus golf Drills for a better connection


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Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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13 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps For Effortless Golf Swing Consistency

  1. A tutorial of how the hips move particularly in the downswing would help many golfers. You could use egg shaped illustrations of the hips. A golf instructor (John Schlee) who was instructed by Hogan , said that the hips move level left towards the target. I imagined that he meant the hips started parallel to the target line before turning to face the target. This late turning of my hips caused me to hit down on the ball. Sometimes pull hooking or pushing the drive. I couldn’t imagine hitting up on my drives. I couldn’t manage to fade the drive.

  2. simple, super effective, when you lose your swing you come back to the basics and the swing becomes almost easy again, better ball contact, better hit balls, more penetrating, in short fantastic thank you and bravo for this channel and its simple courses to work on at home

  3. Confusion; do you let the club fall or do you throw the club down? One movement is involuntary the other is voluntary. Effortless simplicity suggests involuntary.

  4. I like this! It's simple and repeatable! I currently do a similar swing, but the hands don't start first. I like this one better. I need keep it simple system stuff! 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot Alex, for the simplicity mastering the key elements of the golf swing. It helped me lot doing the proper synchronization and given the time to do every step. Drills are effective for muscle memory and subconscious. By repeating those, a good swing will be developed. I started playing golf this year in February. My swing was mainly arms and going left. Then I enhanced my torso rotation and the ball moved to the right. When I started to let the arms fall, the ball was straight. Speed was gained by let the club going through. Excellent job. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Alex, I’ve never left a comment out of the zillion videos I’ve watched. But this time I absolutely felt I had to. After watching and implementing your instruction on this video my husband and I hit the golf course yesterday as we also did just the day before that my husband was blown away and sort of shocked (and so was I) with my improvement within just 1 day! It was astronomical in his words! All due to just this video! I’ve been watching YOUTUBE golf videos for a year until I found you. I’m now in process of watching ALL your videos!!
    You have a special and rare gift of teaching! So Thank You!!

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