How to record your golf swing on the course. I show you what I use and the best angles to use when taking video of your swing.

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  1. I just encountered your channel and will follow, for sure. I wanted to buy a SmartStake but it would seem you are sold out and the shopping cart will not recognize an order. Will you run another production run? If not, what other stake would you use for filming a golf swing?

  2. Just placed my order. I was about to buy something similar from Amazon but I really enjoy your content and trust your design will be good considering YOU MADE IT ? Thanks in advance.

  3. Your video came up while googling for a golf tripod. You have created the exact thing I was looking for. Nicely done. Some unsolicited feedback ?: Add a few more photos of the product; in the bag, in the ground, fully extended etc. it will make the product page a lot more compelling. And reduce the file size of the image, it took ages for it to load for me ?

  4. Would you consider showing us how to build a heavy driver. The old pros used heavier,and John Erickson (be better golf) advocates heavier driver with flatter lies.

  5. Down the line is good but in line with your hands parallel to target line and at hand height is best. It will show swing plane more accurately than down the line.

  6. I've always wanted to work more seriously on my fundamentals, but never had a camera setup. Just ordered a Smart Stake! Great idea. I can't wait to get started!

  7. Just wanted to say I love your channel. My clubs get broken a lot bc I play almost every day. Now I have custom ferrules on my clubs and can simply repair my clubs at home. I’ve grown to love working on them. Thanks for showing me how!

  8. I usually play golf with my son, and the next time we play he'll be my tripod. I'll have him shoot me from different angles, and I'll do the same for him.

  9. Thank you for good advices. Hwever, I would like to add the following. If you like to see the impact you have to a) shoot high speed and b) use a short exposure. I've used GoPro Hero 10 with 240fps and 1/1920 s exposute to well freeze the movement. The auto exposure does not work in most of cases due to too long exposure.

    A (standing) golf bag is a stabile base. I have used a simple clip to tie GoPro to the side of the bag. Stabile tripod you always have with you..

  10. What a great idea. I hope the sale of these goes through the roof.
    Not that this is related to this video but I just wanted to thank you AJ. Your videos have helped me gain the confidence to do work on my own equipment that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I have re gripped all my clubs and today have taken out a damaged graphite shaft from my 5 iron and replaced it with a new one. I have gained great satisfaction in doing these things, and owe it all to you. A big thank you my friend. By the way how’s that new space coming along?

  11. AJ, I'd love to buy one and support your channel and studio but I don't have a credit card. If you can use PayPal for payment, that would be great for me. How 'bout it?

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