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Chris Ryan offers you 3 simple, and easy to implement tips, that can instantly help you with your alignment out on the golf course.

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Caemen Studios says:

When I was still a beginner, I was able to achieve a slice and 150 yards by conducting a typical drive. When I tried out the “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) golf swing techniques, the regular drives I strike range from 200-220 yards. Sometimes even longer. Today, my handicap is 16 compared to when I was beginning with 26. Look for the guide and try making use of it these days.. .

Eric Early says:

Thanks mate

graham streek says:

Thanks for these great tips. I have been standing closed but to me it feels right. This will help me tremendously

Preston Babey says:

I was doing this today, my consistency went way up.

Dennis Fry says:

Good fundamentals here. Going to try and be more cognizant of this, as I tend to skip over the intermediate reference point.

Monsoon says:

Yup…I'm pretty happy with that!

paul togher says:

would it be illegal in a competition to palce a club across your hips to use as an psture aid and to align your hips and feet ctis thanks great videos

slappy0077 says:

you made this video two or three times already

jungfraujoch11333 says:

So concise (some vloggers would stretch this to 30 mins zzzz)

TheAtomicMadness says:

I tend to hit the ball to the right and/or slice the ball. I noticed that although my feet are parallel to the target line, my left shoulder is slightly forward of my right. Could that be the cause of it?

Chris I says:

Good tips Chris. I think its also helpful on the range to use an alignment stick or club on the ground for toe and body alignment in addition to selecting an intermediate target point. I see so many people lined up so far right, its no wonder they swipe across the ball to get it going towards their target but they wonder why they are always slicing or fading their shots.

Citizen Ychoux says:

Liked the video for the random deers running in the background at 3:08.
Joke aside, great video as usual. Thank you for your work Chris.

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