If we are all being honest, there aren't many out there who wouldn't like a little more speed in their swing.

In simple terms, more speed = longer drives, shorter approaches, easier putts and lower scores.

So in this video Chris Ryan shows you 3 ways that you can add club head speed with the driver



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  1. All your points are valid, except when it comes to what the hands are doing at impact! I find that all the vids for what to do lack what to do when actually hitting a ball. You guys all say what to do for up until impact, but not anything for at impact. Which is is focusing on “skipping that rock”…..that is most important. Regardless of where the ball is in specific persons form….skipping a rock does not change. No buckles on a jacket or zippers on a sweater. Solid contact is where the comfortability in an individual’s swing is.

  2. Great video again Chris. Is it possible you can make a short video on the best method of breathing during the set up and during the swing. The reason I mention this is because not many YouTube pros talk about it. Danny Maude mentioned it once and suggested to breathe in on the back swing and breathe out on the downswing. I suffer with too much tension in my arms and hands which then affects my shoulders etc, I find now that if I take a couple of deep breaths and exhale just before I take my back swing this seems to relax my arms and hands and shoulders. I have never considered this as part of the set up routine before but it has helped me. What do your other subscribers think. Thanks again.

  3. Keeping my right elbow connected to my chest on the backswing and keeping my side bend on the downswing has helped my club head speed. Must be due to swinging with my core instead of my arms

  4. Hi Chris I'm a big fan of your channel but if a full coil of the body will hit the ball further can you please explain John Rahm and Tony Finau and their half swing that absolutely bombs their drives.

  5. Club head speed is something I have really worked on over the last year. My max is 110, but I average 104. What I find helps is trying to separate my hips, shoulders and arms. All three have to turn but not in perfect sync. Arms have to move a lot faster and in a different tempo. I am not really looking for your advice, I'm mostly just talking to myself. Yesterday I played and my swing thought was one world, "separate."

  6. Great Video Chris. One of your best. Like a lot of golfers, I'm sure, I have been paying attention to videos pointing out the fault of the early extension. This is the first I've seen explaining the importance of the extension in creating power, and that its not a case of keeping it in check to avoid an early extension, and leading to a loss of power, but more a case of getting the timing of it right.

  7. Thanks Chris! This clip answers me lots of questions I couldn't get from other many clips on Youtube. Just start practicing the driver for couple of weeks now. Look like the flexible/fluid moving wrists when hitting the ball similarly with hitting the shuttlecock in badminton (not like the lock wrists when hitting the ball in tennis) right? Is it the same wrist technique for hitting wood/hybrid and iron clubs as well? It'll be very great if you can show how far the differences of carry/total distances with and without the drill in the clip too.

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