Lag Shot Swing Trainer – Does this thing work? Training aid review

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This is an unpaid review for the Lag Shot swing trainer. Does the Lag Shot swing trainer work?

Mike is a golf pro in Raleigh NC. Mike is passionate about helping golfers shoot lower scores, stop slicing, stop hooking, hitting the ball pure, and hitting the ball solid. He works with beginner golfers as well as intermediate and experienced golfers. His YouTube channel is designed to help people with easy improvements in their golf swing, enjoy the game with their golf mates, perform well in a golf match, and putt better. You can learn the golf swing basics, increase golf swing speed, get new putting tips, learn golf putting techniques, different putting strokes, putting grip and putting drills. These golf instruction videos are designed to be fun so you can enjoy golf and play better golf.

Mike Sullivan teaches golf to players of all abilities in Raleigh NC. Mike also provides corporate golf lessons all over the United States at PGA Tour Tournaments. –

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chuck Game says:

her swing speed might be too slow to fully get the lag.

David Williamson says:

It takes more than 12 swings! It basically magnifies anything you're doing wrong, so the first 10 shots or so are all over the place, then you start to feel the lag. I saw a big improvement after about 50 range balls in my timing, distance, and accuracy.

Logan McGee says:

Great video, I enjoyed seeing every shot as well. Music was a good touch. I would avoid facing the sun when you are talking to the camera, though πŸ™‚

Bartholomew Marion Quint says:

I thought the purpose of the lag shot was for tempo, and creating lag. Right now I have a tempo issue, and tend to lose that tempo. Would the lag shot not help fix that for me?

Pamela Martini says:

I have the lag club and have used it multiple times. I’m have not see any improvement in my swing😒

J. McCarthy says:

Sorry I quit 1/2 through. Too slow developing.

Career Conversations says:

You made a sincere effort to be objective – I like that, well done!

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