Clubhead speed is vital if you want to play better golf. I am here to tell you that you can get to 100 mph clubhead speed or more with your driver. All you have to do is understand how.

Most students who come to me for lessons can't break 90mph with their driver on a launch monitor. In this tip, you will see me get 100 mph clubhead speed and I do so putting nothing into it. So if I can swing easy and get this much clubhead speed why can't you do it too? You can.

You don't have to be young or strong to do it. You just need to learn a different way to swing. This will feel completely different to you trying to swing as hard as you can. In fact, it's just the opposite. Here you will be swinging way easier than you ever have yet you will start generating way more clubhead speed getting you to 100mph or more.

So watch this tip and think about your own swing. All you have to do is copy what I'm doing and you will be on your way to getting to 100 mph clubhead speed or more. This will get you hitting it longer and lowering your scores.

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19 thoughts on “You Can Get To 100 MPH CLUBHEAD SPEED

  1. I just became a body swing customer. After watching many of these videos I recently went to a simulator and decided to concentrate solely on 3 things… the neutral grip, the back swing coil with hinged wrists, and turning the hips quickly at the top of the back swing. The rest I just let happen. I only let my brain think about those three things. All of the shots I hit with driver had a club head speed from 99-104mph. Before that I was 90-92mph. The grip felt awkward. I have to be honest, it never felt comfortable for me. But with it I found the hinging to be much looser and easier than the firm, strong grip I have been using all these years. Most of the shots went dead straight with little or no fade/draw, but a few I hit a straight push. But even most of those misses were better than the misses before this past session. I noticed a huge difference with irons. The good shots were 10-20 yds longer than the usual distance for the shorter irons, and 20-30 yds longer for long irons and woods. Again, I had a few straight pushes with the irons, but even those bad shots were never worse than a bad shot I am used to. I have a lot of work to do… mostly with the hinging… I have always had a very short back swing… And I can feel, now, that the reason is very stiff wrists throughout my golf swing. But, all in all, the improvement I saw with working on just those three components, I had to admit that I must reevaluate my entire swing process if I am going to get any better at this game I love. Thanks Paul!

  2. I have improved so much by your videos …I use to watch alot of golf videos but pretty much now I just watch yours because they really fit with me

  3. I am a starter and I kept wondering why I got blisters on my fingers, hurt my right ribs everytime while the ball rarely exceeds 200 yards.. Watching your video really makes me realized that I had been trying to hit golf with my arms (and emotion) rather than my body swing. From now on I'll keep reminding myself to loosen my arms up.
    p.s.: I love your videos and can't stop watching them since they make me realize so many things I've been doing wrong until now. Thank you for sharing these videos in Youtube.

  4. Hey, gonna give this a genuine try. I'm new to golf and trying really hard to get my club head speed up. It's up at 95 but I am putting everything in to it. i'm sweating like hell after 50 hits. I'll post back a reply after a month and give feedback.

  5. At age of 75ytrs what speed could I achieve in tyhe swing. 82mph is the best I could get. What have u experienced with speed from the older golfer you train

  6. Wow! I've been learning golf for about 18 months now and have been doing exactly what you say – swinging out of my shoes and the ball has only been able to reach 220-230 MAX.
    I've been controlling it as much as I can, which has led to so little speed with maximum physical effort.
    With this new tip, I can swing so easy and I can still get the ball 250+ on my launch monitor. Absolutely game changer, now I just need to figure out how to keep control of the clubface, so I know where it's going, but at least I've got the distance I need! THANK YOU!

  7. I love your lessons and have improved my game by implementing your body swing method. Being smooth has been a game changer Taking the arms out of the equation works great until i get to 30 yards in. This used to be the best part of my game and now its absolutely horrible. Can I use my arms and less wrist for the finesse shots near the green.

  8. I enjoyed this video and was at the indoor range today. We have had snow in the Niagara area in recent days. At my session this morning I had many successful swings and I felt I was hitting the ball extremely well. Using this technique very was helpful and I will continue to use this over the winter. This is giving me something tangible to work on this off season. Thank you

  9. I don't think I have ever felt a snap when swinging a golf club. My best speed recorded was 99pmh. Many people who have watched me swing a club say I don't use enough of my body when rotating the body. I will work at this loose hinge way of swinging.

  10. I discovered your videos last year and immediately ordered your video series. I am 82 and have been losing distance every year, handicap was 12 then it increased to 16 because I was chipping and trying to one putt on every hole. After adapting the body swing I have started getting back the distance, more important I could play without hurting my body with swinging hard. I feel like discovering the body swing it probably extend my golf life for a few more years. I have turned on my golfing buddies to your web site and they all bought into your teaching, probably a dumb move on my part because of our betting game.

  11. Hey Paul. I've applied your principles. I'm very fit 63 but looking forward. It feels loosey goosey at first but today on the driving range I had a posse of seniors enamored with my swing. Thanks for your great videos.

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