#360Show USPGA Review by Mark Crossfield

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Matthew Jones says:

Fair enough Jason, that eagle on the last was good, but 2 eagles in 9 holes!!! Oh I think you might have, Mark. #datssoembarresing

Leftienige Blank says:

This show was brought to you by "Beefy", doing an admirable impersonation of Crossfield

Michael STAUDT says:

Hi Mark, hi coach, is there a drill to get the max swing speed on the right spot in swing? Got the feeling that I sometimes dont deliver the max speed on impact especially with driver! Would be extemly thankfull for a drill!

Greasby1golf says:

It was pants, boring as. I wonder wether Walker would have won out had the leaders played the final round together, when Day pinged the 18th green would Walkers nerves have held up? Would Day have stayed in it playing next to Walker just pounding out the Par save putts every time he left a nervy one?

Aussie Taffia says:

the year is not over… Ryder cup anyone?

Strad 4321 says:

Justin Timberlake won the US PGA. The major that is not a major.

edgerat says:

Tiger was the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

Darren Miller says:

bring on the dudsbury open! not sure the Olympics can compete !!!!!!.

Scott Pasiechnyk says:

Had day been in the last group I think he would have won. Walker ain't used to the big crowds (the tiger woods effect).

Robert Miller says:

standing on the 15th green seeing walkers shot from under the tree was simply amazing …

Combobulate says:

A Sussex parkland tour Mark? Thinking Mannings, West Sussex and Crowborough Beacon. What's not to love with those 3?

Combobulate says:

Rory's no Tiger. The latter was lethal from 6 feet in his prime. Rory is wobbli. People rattle on about his tee to green but his approach shots were weak, though driving is amazing. He's no branden grace from from 170. Not sure he's really loving golf at the moment, needs to find the love. Maybe your passion can help him Mark!

Steve Gaish says:

Shame the 5th major has been squeezed in because of the bloody olympics, to back to back to back majors.

Mayo For Sam says:

I saw him up close at the open and he was using the 917 driver

TheGulbisfan says:

He is playing the 917D3 according to GolfWRX.

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