4-iron vs 5-hybrid vs 9-wood | Which Golf Club Should You Play?

This test includes an in-depth comparison of a 4-iron vs. 5-hybrid vs. 9-wood. Perhaps the most common dilemma in 2nd Swing Tour Van fittings is filling the gap between a player's longest iron and fairway wood(s) in the bag. In 2021, our fitters have noticed that 7-woods and 9-woods have performed really well for players because of the high launch and steep landing angles they provide.

While many golfers don't think of putting a 7-wood or 9-wood in the bag, it very much could be the best club for their game.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell compare the performance of a 4-iron vs. 5-hybrid vs. 9-wood with Trackman technology. Should you be gaming a high-lofted fairway wood, such as a 9-wood?

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26 thoughts on “4-iron vs 5-hybrid vs 9-wood | Which Golf Club Should You Play?

  1. Great comparison guys. I've put my 4 iron in the closet and started to use a hybrid this year and I'm seeing good results and shaved 2 or 3 strokes off my score.

  2. Just added a 7 wood to try out. Hitting the yardages is as looking for with ease. Now I'm thinking of adding the 9 wood to replace 5h4 5i ????

  3. I use a 4 iron, its fine but there are times when I need it to be more forgiving. The slightest mishit and I loose a ton of distance. Tried hybrids and I find them way too hot onto a green and dispersion was not as tight… This opened up my mind to try a 9 wood, hoping to itll tighten dispersion while being high with some added forgiveness. Plus I hear 7-9 woods are awesome out of the rough.

  4. Your reviews are always entertaining but not relevant to an average golfer or even a low handicap senior as Thomas’ speed is significantly greater that most of us.

  5. love the higher lofted woods. my 7 wood is my favorite club, may replace the 4i with a 9 wood. I have decent swing speed but these woods are so forgiving and useful from the rough and on approaches. used to play hybrids and they were awful, hit the long irons much better but not as good as the woods.

  6. Right now in my bag.
    Driver-6* stealth
    3 wd-11.5* stealth
    0 iron-11* bang
    7 wd- 22.5* speedzone
    9 wd- 27* speedzone
    13 wd- 31* big bertha
    7-aw p790 black irons
    Sw,lw titleist sm7 black
    Scotty cameron-kombi putter.

  7. When I started golfing…. like ages ago. It was normal for everyone to have a driver , 3 ,5 ,7. But the clubs in general had other lofts so it was easier to have those clubs.

    Nowadays… with the stronger lofts makes it much harder to get all your lofts and spacings

  8. guys… love the subject… huge fan of hybrids, extremely versatile and stops on a dime… would be great to see someone with a "normal" swing speed…

  9. I decided to replace my 5 and 4 irons to hybrids over winter to keep my carry distances. Hit them so well I’m keeping them in for the start of summer to see if they continue to help me. I went from 13 to 8 over winter.

  10. I have played a 4 and a 5 Mizuno hybrid for a couple of seasons and decided to bin then in favour of an old 9W no name and love it. Hits just as far and straighter than the hybrids. I think the roll on the face of my hybrids have more bulge than the wood, causing more leaky shots in the swamp! Can’t beat the Mizuno hot metal irons.

  11. Well here is what I have noticed recently,so my long irons 4,5 goes the same distances but I play KBS C-Taper 120 g stiff that is 1/2 inch shorter than standard.
    After looking at this video a few things I noticed my club speed is around mid 90s with the 4 iron but my ball speed is lower my smash is 1.28 and my angle of attack is -5.6 very steep.The steeper angle of attack is where my problem most likely lies.
    My carry with the 4 iron was on average 195.9 and total 212.8 using range balls not premium balls that I usually play.
    Anybody else have a similar issue with the long irons

  12. If you want these test to have any meaning, you really need someone hitting the shots that more closely resembles the real world… Most recreational players don't swing a driver at 113 MPH…

  13. let's see him hit that 4 iron consistently after walking a hilly course on a hot day. About half way through things change. You're now begging for a 9 wood and it's forgiveness.

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