The BEST GOLF CLUB you DON'T have in the bag!?

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This might be the best golf club you don't have in the bag! A PING G425 7-wood!

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Hey everyone, thank you SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! If you like the video drop it a 👍

KungFu Beagle says:

Have you tried the G410 7 wood? It's much more affordable now. There are no review videos. Do you think there is a big gain with the 425/430 over the 410 7 wood?

Mass Appeal Golf says:

Team 7 wood!!!

Barrie DuBose says:

I’m getting one ordered! Thanks for the great video!

aj dileo says:

I do have a 7 wood. It is awesome and really surprises guys when I play it. At first they laugh but then I lay a fluffy one down on the green.

Hank Steiner says:

Have been using a Callaway 3 wood but lofted up to 16 degrees for quite a few years and have just bought a 20 degree heavenwood to add to the bag.

Will Christensen says:

Definitely gearing up for a 7 wood in the spring of '23.

mh27409 says:

I love woods. Most people look at me funny, but I really don't care. I managed to find even an 11 and 13 wood. I find them easier to hit.

superpria says:

A month ago I put in play a Cobra Speedback 7w to replace my inconsistent 5i. At 22,5° it plays 180-190m for me to reach long par 3 greens and sometimes I use it as a rescue club. Brilliant 👌🏼

Matt O. says:

Been playing my old Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood for a long time. Love it!!!!!!! I have the 1, 3, and 7 in my bag.

sean mann says:

I dig the hippie guitar music.

USMC 0331 says:

I always used a 7 wood. It's interesting how popular this is becoming as far back as I remember having a 7 wood and even a 9 wood was taboo basically female golfers used those clubs.

Stephen Borrill says:

I roll a 9 wood I got for free. Goes as far as my 5 iron but with way more loft. Handy when your drives are as erratic as mine on our tree lined fairways in NZ.

R Sehn says:

I hit hybrids really well but I also don't like the look of them so even though I hit them well it's just never really satisfying

Michae Cicio says:

I accidentally bought a Mizuno JPX 7 wood… it had the wrong cover on in at a traveling golf expo and i initially thought it was a 3 wood… Ive never been able to hit a 3 wood well either, im about 185 with my 4 hybrid "IF" i hit it right, which was always 50/50 or worse… I started right out of the gate spanking this club 210-220 right down the fairway around 85% of the time… Couldnt have been happier to accidentally find this club as a high 90s golfer it has literally taken 5-6 strokes off my game a round… in 5 years ive had maybe 2 eagle chances, in the past 4 months ive had 7… havent sank one of them yet… but this club has given me the hope it will happen someday…

Leo Spaceman says:

Basically impossible to find a g410 or g425 7 wood on the used market. Starting to think they’re a keeper

JR 213 says:

I just ordered the Callaway Rouge ST Max 7 wood 21 degree. I had a cobra radspeed 4H and it just does not work for me. I won’t to the local golf store today and picked out a few different 7 woods and 4H. Let’s just say the 4H did not work. I was surprised on how each club was different and I hit the Rouge ST Max consistent and even my mis-hits were not bad. This was my first fitting or club testing and I will always do this from now on you can really find what club works best for you. I can’t wait to get it and use it on the course.

m2karateman says:

I do carry a 7 wood (GBB Hawkeye), as well as my 3 and 5 woods (same make, model). I believe the woods are easier to hit than long irons, and it is easier to hold the greens due to the angle of descent. They are also easier to hit out of the rough (where I often am). There are even times I will chip with my 7 wood from just off the green, if the rough is particularly high.

SoCal Golf says:

But isn’t the longer shaft harder to control

neil denney says:

Peter – I added the 7 Ping 425 Max last year and it is my favourite club! I just ordered the 9 wood to get rid of my 4/5 iron! Can't wait to get it! I like you always hooked hybrids but now I hit these wood long and relatively straight!

Tyler Palmer says:

Late to this video, but I've been playing a 7-wood for about 20 years. I never liked the looks of hybrids and the 7-wood is just so nice to hit. It launches high and lands soft. Lately, because I've been practicing a lot and making improvements, I thought I'd try pulling out the old 3-iron. Nope, still can't hit it! I still find it strange how I can hit my 4-iron really solid but the 3-iron is almost impossible!

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