Steel vs Graphite Shafts: Which Is Right for Your Game?

The two main types of shafts available on the market are steel and graphite. In this video, we explore the key differences between these two types of shafts and help you decide which one is right for your game.

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14 thoughts on “Steel vs Graphite Shafts: Which Is Right for Your Game?

  1. Thanks for another helpful video. Would love to see one comparing cheap steel shafts with more expensive steel. US prices range from $10 to well above $50 each. Wondering just how much difference there is.

  2. I'd be concerned about snapping the graphite shaft in irons, especially with the short ranged clubs like 8 through to wedges. A fitting session will help decide for me. If I can hit the ball well and consistently then I'm onto a winner.

  3. My 3 and 4 irons are graphite, and the rest of my irons are steel. I hit my steel irons well, but can’t seem to not slice my graphite shafted irons. What am I doing wrong?

  4. I like my graphite irons. but with wedges (S,G,L) i highly prefer steel, except for my Pitching wedge, aka 10 iron. Is that weird or do more people feel like that?

  5. I just purchased the Callaway Edge and the only thing available was stiff shaft. I am a 37 year old who is 5 10 and weigh 215. I shoot in the mid 90s. I have no idea what my swing speed is. I won't receive the clubs for another week. Do you think it will be a good fit?

  6. Thanks for the video. I'm moving from stiff flex steel shafts to graphite in my irons this year. Got fitted 4 yrs ago when I had a 115 mph club head speed on my driver. After shoulder and elbow injuries 2 yrs ago, my swing speed is very different. I'm down to 90 mph. I'm hoping that the graphite shafts will ease the stress and let me keep on playing golf. I'm also looking to get fit for a new driver as well. So getting more distance isn't the issue. I'm just trying to reduce the end of season (sometimes end of round) pain in my shoulder and elbow. I hope the switch works. Have others found that graphite shafts help?

  7. I’ve got ZX5 in a KBS tour graphite iron shaft. Cost a fortune and I have to say I’m not overly sold on the graphite. So much so I’m looking at trading them in. Plus they have been pured.

  8. My elbow, wrist, and hand pain dropped considerably after switching to graphite in my irons. Performance wise very similar but the pain reduction will allow me to continue playing for many more years hopefully 😀

  9. After a tour fit by Cobra switching to graphite with my irons was a game changer, cleaned up strike adding 5/6 yards a club and still playing a stiff shaft so no loss of control

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