5 Golfers who Paid Their Caddies More Generously Than Matt Kuchar

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5 pro golfers who paid their caddies more generously than Matt Kuchar

Voice over: Michael robles
Written: Charles Curtis
Music: David Cutter
Photos: Getty IMages

The sports world is up in arms (and rightfully so) about the way PGA Tour vet Matt Kuchar paid fill-in caddie David Giral Oritz just $5,000 despite winning a cool $1.2 million back in November at the Mayakoba Classic.

But that shouldn’t make you think all pro golfers are cheap when it comes to paying the men and women who carry their bags and give them the tips that lead to wins. Some are super generous and others go out of their ways to give thanks to caddies, both with money and gifts. Here are a few notable names who aren’t Kuchar from recent years:


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Donald Jeezy Trump says:

You mean all golfers


I would be cheap, I can carry my own fucking clubs

Garry McArthur says:

Another super cheap player was Steve Brodie

jnormanton says:

Matt Kuchar is a disgusting human being.

Stringfellow Hawk says:

5? How about all.

Paul Adams says:

Matt Kuchar should be ashamed of his GREEDY self, and this will be a BIG BLACK BLOT in his career that will FOLLOW HIM, after his golfing career is over !!!!!

bombhead says:

Mexicans come cheap. Ask any contractor. Kuch was always known to be one of the cheapest players on tour (by the players). Now the public knows about him.

Joe Asuncion says:

Bad Karma for Kuchar.
5000 is a lot in pesos.
Oh, yeah.
He won over 1 Million Dollars.

Choff C says:

That is BS, Matt is a great man and great golfer..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The story is bull shit about Mr. Kuchar…Plus he was a fill-in caddy and they discussed the economics beforehand..!!!!

Tristram Farquarharsen says:

Kuch had an opportunity to change a guys life without as much as a slight dent in his pocket, instead, he’ll be forever known as a tight bastard ?

Rinifi says:

I have to recalculate my image of Kuchar after going cheap on his caddie's paycheck. Why not pay him the same as his regular caddie, 10% or whatever it is?

Sherlock Golf says:

Cheap Mat !! No longer Fan of Booo cheapkuuuu!!!! ??

J B says:

Cheap arrogant bastard.

Kirk Kaleta says:

Matt Kuchar, piece of garbage scum, keep an on your investments too you frugal fucking shit fuck scum

Andre Lauzier says:

I'm sure that if they had a chart Kuchar would be last or very near the end of it for sure. He's proven to be a total low life and makes me sick ever since he pulled his heartless stunt. Total scumbag.

John Doe says:

This video sucks, you whole goal is to make Matt look bad. Matt offered this welcher One grand a day for carrying a bag

Cobb Knobbler says:

Amazing how many of you have just given Tiger Woods a pass for being a complete degenerate piece of immoral shit who disrespected him family but you sure come down hard on Kuchar.

lee says:

white fucking golfers are above all Mexicans. never closed. True colors for the true values. stand up dude my ass. not cool! just another ass hole golfer. just another white Nazi. Matt Kuchar!!!!

T. B. says:

Great reporting jack wagon..These are all regular caddies for these players who incur travel costs…accommodations..Work days before the events even start..Compare apples to apples if you are trying to put out quality content..

SEM MES says:


Mdmchannel says:

The local caddie May have had some good course knowledge. 50k is a good deal for him. I’ll bet next year Kutcher hires that caddy again just to make it look good for the PR aspect and pay him 10%. This way Skechers will retain him. Skechers are good shoes even if I misspelled it.

D Safety says:

Kuch….you are an embarrassment to the legendary game of golf
I’m ashamed of you…
Caddies should boycott you…
Now let’s see you win.

Moses says:

Another reason for me to like Rory Mcilroy. What a sportsman.

Louis Fried says:

Kuchar is an Ahole.

Paul Smith says:

TO all the players nice touch! Matt take note tight arse ?

margaret walsh says:

Kuchar, Zoeller, Couples, they're all phonies. They are nothing what they try so hard to appear to be.

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