When Your Girlfriend Caddies For You

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Nick Gross says:

Great Golf girl! Go for it

Michael Lally says:

Love this course play it at least twice a year

kevin Humphreys says:

Love these vlogs xx keep it up girl x

Richard Fisher says:

Bless her ?
Great vid, really enjoyed it ??

Giles says:

Loves these videos, I'm in the process of grooming my girlfriend into golf ?. These videos are helping my course. Thank you.

Joe Simmons says:

Now I know why pro golfers take so long to make a club/swing choice ?

hyperjay712 says:

Do this again please!

Arthur Arguijo says:

Great video! Have to love the support.

Michael Ramos says:

these are hilarious, you go Mary… definitely worth subscribing for!

JustSleepin61 says:

Loved this 🙂 caddie was on point throughout

Stephen Jones says:

“Come and look at my chippers” – SAS 2018 ???? top work from the missus too!

Ian Megarry says:

Love that your girlfriend is supporting you. Would be good to see you caddy for her.

Andy M says:

There's a funny story about Lee Trevino with the King of Morocco caddying for him watch and feel relieved (green coat gala vid 15mins in)

Michael Garrett says:

She is too adorable. My wife would've said 'driver' for every shot….At least she is in the ballpark when it comes to clubs vs distance…..

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