5 Mistakes with Your Driver – John Hughes Golf

Without a doubt, the most common club all golfers want to hit better is their driver. You want to hit it farther and straighter than ever before. And in some cases, better than you're capable. Most of the reasons why you are not capable of hitting it your “current” max is caused by 5 very common mistakes golfers make as they set up to hit the driver.

Within this video, 2023 North Florida PGA Teacher/Coach of the Year and a Golf Digest Best in State Instructor, John Hughes, explains what the 5 most common mistakes golfers make with their driver. You'll be surprised by a couple items John mentions. But the others should not surprise you at all.

John is also a TOP 25 ranked Instructor of Golf Tips Magazine and a PGA of America Master Professional of Instruction. Be sure to take notes from this video and start practicing 5 things you can do to correct and maximize your driver.

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