The TOP 5 Forgiving GOLF CLUBS For EVERYONE OF 2022!

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The TOP 5 Forgiving GOLF CLUBS For EVERYONE OF 2022! The TOP 5 GOLF CLUBS OF 2022… 2022 has seen some fantastic golf clubs be released. Especially in the market of game improvement. Which irons are the best five for forgiveness and game improvement for mid handicappers and high handicappers. In this video I go through my top five that I have seen so far.


David Garner says:

Just done club fit for pxg 0211 irons and driver, hit them straight of the go nice and light good distance for me, ordered a set, the ping G425 irons that I had couldn't get used to them, just horrid sound on slight miss hits ..

Drunk Chamaeleon says:

Yes SM9 BV wedges are great, and I used them for the first part of the year but the Cleveland CBX wedges have been unbelievable. Forgiving, feel, and I have huge confidence in them more than my old sm9’s

gary forbes says:

I've been using the toulon Chicago putter this year. Great putter just feels so nice and balanced.

Keith Finley says:

It would be foolish to change putters now that you've found one that works, even in your role as a club reviewer…

bjm1711 says:

XG 0211 driver – super club! If you know your spec go for it.

xblindfolded says:

wedges…."Yes, they're not the most forgiving" Video Title: "Top 5 Forgiving GOLF CLUBS"

John P says:

So, "TOP 5 Forgiving GOLF CLUBS", No 2, Vokey wedges, "Not the most forgiving"? Your words. A little pointless then!

Sebastian Schubert says:

What driver was that?

David Thomas says:

Hi James, I half expected to see the Ping Chip-r in there?

Martin B says:

I tried the forged tec, ended up with the ST Pro iron, just gave me a better ball flight.

Terence Tan says:

2 out of the 5 in my bag now.

Greg M says:

Like the way you snuck in the ‘c’mon England..’….soccer anyone?

Peter Cusanelli says:

Love you keep pumping out videos! But no one considers you hole out a HOLE IN ONE!

Bernard Watt says:

Just got my forge tech to replace the p 790s. Tour TGI stiff shafts. Awesome.

Robert Dragonette says:

Bought the pxg 0211 driver had to get rid of it major slice problem friend had same problem with his

Adam park says:

What happened to the prize taylormade balls

Julia-6 says:

I hit the Cobra Forged Tec a couple weeks ago and they're just awesome. If I had the money, I'd buy a set of them in One Length.

Neil Taylor says:

Putter has to be the Cobra Grandsport 35 armlock

Neil Taylor says:

Cobra Forge Tech

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