The 10 to 2 Iron Swing – Golf with Michele Low

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Vinod Tandon says:

Beautiful explained in simple and effective manner


very good video

Bryan L says:

Very nice. What does the alignment stick do on phase 3? What are you looking for?

Jack Dyer says:

Thank you Your instructions are very helpful 😊

Stephen Grainger says:

Thanks, Michele. I’ve been trying to emulate the pros because I thought that is the way the clubs is supposed to be swung. I don’t have any of the abilities of the pros so your lesson was most helpful.

Anthony Viola says:

Very helpful vid lesson! Thanks !

Khaizal Ozlen says:

Hi Michele, why is it that I'm pretty OK on the range, but really terrible on the course; slicing and topping my drives in a few tee shots, hitting behind the ball with my irons, hybrid and 3 woods , which do not often happen on the range? It's so frustrating. Please help

Luis Enriquez says:

Awesome Michele, right on! thank you for such a valuable lesson.

Edith Robert- Casanova says:

Great video. An introduction full of wisdom. Tx

Bryant Pongad says:

Thank you Michelle. I got the idea when you closed the club. Salamat

nanjappa kuttaiah says:

Great lesson, Thank-you very much

Terri says:

I am your biggest fan. I have to be. I love to watch you play. You have taught me so much. Your 3 wood video changed my life. You have helped me more than the pro i take lessons from.

lucrochon says:

As a senior golfer I have been following your instructions for the past 2 years. Greatly appreciate the simplicity and practicality of your lessons which have been complimentary to my lessons with our female cub pro. Thank you very much!

Ng Mics says:

Thank you for your sharing 🙏

DEB Damico says:

Do you have a video of position of the top of the club relative to the ball?

DEB Damico says:

You are really really good at teaching. THANK YOU

N.P. Singh says:

This is a great lesson to develop a good swing tempo. Thankful to you . I would request you make an exculsive video on how to shallow the club during down swing

Gary Leyte says:

Simplicity is beauty. Thanks coach.

ww ww says:

Thanks so much Michele . Your lessons are easy to understand and pragmatic for me. May be all success for you.

Don Morrison says:

I am late with my comment but Micelle your honest approach to improving our golf is so awesome.

Vijay Balasubramanian says:

Nice tips Michele…easy to follow tips…kindly send a link on shots which tend to go right and how to correct them.

Great video

i nyoman budiarta says:

Thank you Michelle…👍👍

A. Jiwandani says:

can this concept be implemented for wood, hybrid, driver? Thanks

Michael Malarkey says:

Really great lesson on the basics of a good controlled golf swing

CAlex says:

Help! I don’t have a “10” iron!!

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