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Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the COBRA Drivers as possible!

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Bigger minds says:

A few years earlier you hit the fly z 300yards ? Why?

Evan Rodgers says:

I used the Bio Cell+ in the blue/white colorway for almost a full decade. Loved it! Still remains the most beautiful driver ever made.

V O says:

Time for new vids like this!😁👌

Coolbreeze0988 says:

Ight this was 5 years ago now 😊 let’s do it again!!

mark orrell-dobson says:

Please do an updated video 🙏

A M says:

Want to see reviews of current mdgolf range . Wedges look amazing but how would drivers / irons compare to premium brands ?

Semaj Niffirg says:

That project x shaft messed up this video

Ewheel says:

Rick after watching this video I’m convinced that you are the reason that cobra made the F9 that you fell in love with

Blake Allard says:

@rick I would love to see this video remade with the new drivers. F8/F8+ to new LTD's


Thanks for the videos! Could you do another run of 5 YEARS OF COBRA drivers again?

Jay Mishur says:

Great video! Thanks for posting Rick!

Wes D says:

Wonder how my 2007 Cobra in my bag would fair in comparison to new drivers!

The good Godfrey flies says:

@Rick Shiels Golf I can't express into words how much I appreciate a breakdown and comparison video like this. Even 4 years later, it helps immensely as I don't play the latest gear.

Augustus Czar says:

The puff of smoke on impact with each driver 😂

Mousepotato P says:

Why then did you have Cobra in both driver and 3 wood in "your bag" when these models are so inconsistent?

S. P says:

RE: Fly-Z seems odd that in all his other reviews of the Fly-Z (not plus) and comparisons have much lower spin numbers – in the 23-26K range certainly not the 38K in this test – com-on man

Skating with Aaron says:

Great review! I bought the bio cell new in 2014 and still have them. Looks like I bought the right ones. I can’t definitely tell they don’t hit as far as other brands though. Might look at upgrading in the near future.

onespeed says:

So don't buy Cobra drivers on odd years, only even years lol.

Chase Gallagher says:

Im glad i got the Bio Cell then 😂

Jimmy Culp says:

Why did the cobra LTD pro driver notmake the list. You hit that driver longer than anyof these?

Taylor Smith says:

Need to do a new version of this once the new stuff comes out in 2021

Lugowski says:

I think every driver should have had its own individual fitting to be optimized instead of just using the same shaft and setting for all of them.

Based Human says:

curious why the Fly-Z got such great reviews in your vid from 2015 and not now.

Quattro 4 says:

Pre puma cobra is best cobra.

Johan Bolstad says:

Hey Rick – how would you compare your current SZ Xtreme to for instance the Cobra Bio Cell from 2014?

JRo says:

I’m only just finding this video in 2020. I had a BioCell+ model in 2014/15 and it felt so good to hit, was very consistent and was the longest driver I had. I also previously had the Amp Cell in a Draw model and it was not a good driver. So far the only other drivers I’ve played that feel nearly as good as the BioCell+ have been TaylorMade. Have never felt confident with a Callaway and have yet to play a Ping or Titleist.

Brock Kunz says:

Dang it! Just bought the Fly-Z Plus! Hope it performs better than shown here.

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