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In todays video I look at the Top 5 Most Forgiving Drivers in 2023, we have the Callaway Paradym X, TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD, XXIO 12, Callaway Big Bertha 23 and the Ping G430

These are the most forgiving drivers in 2023 for mid to high handicap golfers.


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30 thoughts on “Top 5 MOST FORGIVING DRIVERS 2023

  1. Anyone got any good recommendations that someone could probably find used that’s been out in the last decade? As a single dad I gotta ball on a budget as far as golf is concerned and can’t be throwing $400 at a driver that I might hate.

  2. must be me that just doesnt get on with the current Ping drivers… tried both this and the std version and it noether came close to paradym std and aerojet std… when i tested earlier in the year…

  3. I’ve hit practically every new driver this year. All are there or there abouts. The real difference was in the combination of the head and the shaft. Putting in an Accra TZ5 M4 (stiff) or Tour Z RPG was what made the real difference, but no channel presents this as the real solution.

  4. Play stealth hd , tried everything and for me most forgiving, not the longest, tried friends new gen 6 pxg and think that would definitely be as good as my stealth if fitted to me exactly

  5. Would absolutely love to see your thought on the Tour Edge line up of drivers. Seem as though they continue to get over looked but are great for distance and forgiveness.

  6. Bought the Ping G430 Max 9 degree with ping tour 2.0 chrome shaft. Never liked the Turbulaters but worst was the sound with the older versions. This one has great sound, great shaft, very forgiving. Love it and a fairway finder. Not the longest but fairway instead of rough or even worse. Playing the G430 i started to like the turbolators as great alignment help. Weird but true ?

  7. I recently purchased a slightly used TM Stealth2 driver. It’s a good combination of distance and forgiveness. In fact, i was so impressed that I purchased the Stealth2 fairways in 5 and 7.

  8. Only the Stealth and Ping on my list. Very subjective. Not sure I would consider trying the other 3. I have alwats used Cobra and Taylormade. But I think almost any new driver would work, they are all so good.

  9. Hi Andy, I was a TaylorMade Wood & irons player for over 12 years. Had a fitting with at my local course in April and went to the Ping G430 SFT Driver 10.5 degree with Tour 2.0 Chrome shaft. I actually hit the MAX farther (had a MAX Driver to use for a couple of weeks) but the SFT is in the fairways more often. I tried out a number of the other brands drivers – TM, Callaway, Titleist (which I did not really like the results of shot shape or feel). Haven't liked any iterations of the TM Stealth Drivers.

    When I got the Driver, I decided to look at Fairway woods and Hybrids as well to potentially replace all my woods in the bag. I had a TM 3 wood and 3 hybrid but after trying different combos and advice from the fitter, I settled in on a G430 SFT 5 Wood (set down 1.5 degrees) and a G430 4 hybrid (all with the Tour 2.0 Chrome shafts) to fill the gaps in the bag. After playing with all these clubs for a few months now I cannot praise their feel, shot shape, and forgiveness enough. This has significantly dropped shots per round.

  10. I get that the G430 the most forgiving, just wonder why you even had to consider four others as well.
    Maybe just one or two others at most would seem to suffice. A good pick though.

  11. I’m sure any of these driver brands would do well for most golfers. Personally, I elected to go with the G430 max, and I can attest, it’s ridiculously forgiving. I’ve hit many drives that I could feel immediately were very bad from a face impact position, yet it still managed to go reasonably straight and far. It’s not a magic stick however… that snap hook still likes to appear from time to time, especially when I try to take a big swing. ?

  12. I went and got fitted for a new driver two weeks ago. I tried all of these names, except the XXIO (I wanted to try it, but they didn't have one). Without a doubt, I hit the Ping 430 the best. I was actually shocked how much better I hit it. The shop just called me today to let me know it has arrived => I'll pick it up tomorrow (note, it is replacing the Ping 425 in my bag => for me it was a solid 10 yards longer and a bit straighter).

  13. I have bought the Ping G430 max, the best driver l have ever had, l was never a fan of the turbulators on the previous models, but the G430 looks stunning even with the turbulators ?

  14. I have the Ping G430 max driver what turbulators I just don’t see them, I personally don’t think there’s a more forgiving driver on the market, it’s simply a fairway finder. ?‍♂️

  15. I have the G430 Max and I honestly don't see the turbulators at address. If you're getting worked up over those you're not thinking about where you want to hit the ball. Best driver I've ever had, turbulators included.

  16. I hate this forgiveness stuff,there’s no magic stick and you just need higher spin and the right shaft but the most important things are lessons and practice

  17. Somehow I just knew a driver from “The People's Golf Company" would be the #1 pick. Finding any of "that series" of drivers on the used market for a decent price is darn near impossible because it works well for so many people!

    Great review, as always! ??

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