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The WORST golf clubs i've EVER SEEN… THE DRIVER WAS FREE!? In this video I take on Liam a 7 handicap golfer with what I think could well be the WORST set of golf clubs iv'e ever seen… do you need new golf clubs to play good golf? do you need good golf clubs to play good golf? often we think that new golf clubs are the key to success, when really its more about the lessons we take and how much practice we do… should Liam upgrade his golf clubs? are they really a bad set of clubs? or are they just old golf clubs? let's find out… and let's do it now!


Jefferson Holland says:

Remember, remember the 15th of November.

Dean T says:

James that is so funny. Liam’s face was absolutely brilliant. That’s what golf with your pals is all about. 👏👏

David Boddy says:

I don't care who uses what to mark their ball, except when it's on the line, tad thoughtless using a tee peg there, also I think you're a bit hard on him only giving one shot, one per hole would be ok

Cohen177 says:

Wow James, that was not cool 😀

Eyan Arel says:

get an actual ball marker! lol

Iain P says:

Why anyone marks a ball on a green with a tee peg is beyond me , or a thick poker chip ar anything that can disrupt a ball rolling … flat markers only for me

Mike Nomikos says:

That was so brutal at the end 😄

smudge10 says:

If you don't put that ball in the bag now there is something wrong lol

Andrew Bush says:

Hateful and wrong…. Well played robbo🤣 a rematch is definitely deserving, maybe spot Liam 1 extra shot in good faith.

Jason Kaminsky says:

Liam is by far my favorite of your playing partners.

Paul Matthews says:

All those people complaining about marking the ball with a tee stop moaning same thing could have happened with one of those gambling chips everyone uses nowadays and equally with a penny. Nevertheless it happened so hard luck. Rematch though because you’re kind and not at all competitive. 😀

Nick Bryan says:

I can hear Seve choking on his fruit cake saying, “damn that’s cold blooded!!” I mean really a tee peg??? Liam would have totally been within his rights to wrap his putter around ya neck! I’m very disappointed in you James, you’re supposed to be a professional and that’s something I’d expect a brand new hack to do….. I’m sorry but you’ve lost a long time subscriber…..

Mike Langan says:

That was brutal. What are the odds of him hitting a perfect shot from the bunker? Rematch!

Marco Delacuesta says:

So, as someone who isn't the best with having coin/flatter ball marks available during a round, I'll mark with a tee. That being said, James should have had some common sense/courtesy and moved the tee a clubhead to a club length out of the way. Honestly, arrogant to assume that the tee wouldn't have been in the way on that particular shot. Should have counted that as in. Liam should get a rematch definitely.

Badger Ski says:

James, please. How do you Brits say it? That was offsides.

Swordy says:

Never liked when people use a tee as a marker. Not hard to stick a coin or an actual marker in your pocket.

Joe Mullins says:

Poor lad! Not only does he deserve to have that one but you should gift him a better set of irons after all your smack talk about him needing a new set.

James Wood says:

Wow! Chances…thats disgusting lol

Izawaqa Namuri says:

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Larry Loaf says:

How tight is Robbo with only giving Liam a 1 over the 3 holes. Last time he did his handicap he was +3 and Liam of probably 12-15 as he hasn't played in 4 months should have at least got a shot a hole!

Bandit Baker says:

In Salford that would have resulted in a 3 Iron wrapped around someone's head and a visit to Casualty

Matteo Ingarao says:

nice speedup on the driver swings mr fake

steve clayton says:

James! Can't you afford a flat plastic ball marker?

waitwatlol says:

I wouldn't even rematch. Played level with ya, even gave you that crummy putt. Then you insult the man's clubs?

Crazy Gold Coast Drivers says:

Nothing worse than playing on cored greens

Grigsby Golf says:

Lol, that’s was in! I think Liam deserves a rematch. Hitting the tee peg the funniest thing I’ve seen on you tube period!

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