7 Ways To Make Your Golf Gear Last Longer!! Golf Monthly

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► In this video, Neil Tappin offers some simple and effective advice for increasing the lifespan of your golf equipment!

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huw clark says:

Are you allowed to sharpen the grooves on your wedges?

Renegade says:

Iron covers are for wrong'uns.

Vennie Danae says:

"I recommend this product:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

B19E69 says:

What a pointless video that was!

Gustavo E says:

How can i wash my gloves??

Timothy DS says:

I always put my gloves back into their original plastic packaging and then put the whole in a zip-lock-bag.
It provides soft gloves and makes them last very very long. Got that tip from another golf-Youtuber.

Shoetrees and a shoebag one can buy for only a few euro's at aliexpress; same with iron head covers.

Christopher Whitehead says:

Don’t put a greasy leather treatment on your golf shoes such as dubbin. It makes sand and dust stick to the surface which then is abrasive.

Christopher Whitehead says:

If your shoes are wet, put screwed up newspaper inside them while they dry. It sucks the moisture out.

Christopher Whitehead says:


Richard Charlesworth says:

For gloves, I attach them on the straps immediately after each game so they dry normally so no need to remember. For irons, I believe you must have covers (it's not a faff at all). I bought my irons in 2003 and they still look almost new thanks to this, regular cleaning and using a groove sharpener. Paradoxically, back in 2003 I was off 15, now off 7!

George Cain says:

A lot of lefty snowflakes moaning about baby wipes in here

Luca Schneider says:

How New Golf Clubs last longer? Just use old Clubs. Thanks for that tip😂👌

Jack Ryan says:

Whenever I clean my clubs I soak them in a bucket of cheap cola before scrubbing them with warm soapy water .
Works wonders for breaking up and living off dirt.

Tigger Woods says:

Also, if you laminate your scorecard with plastic it will last longer, be rain-proof and those last minute alterations to that bogey on 7 will be easier to make.

Tigger Woods says:

I coat my wooden tees in Araldite to make them last longer. Works a treat.

Sween Bean says:

Number animations are a bit much!!

allo cromeau says:

Thats why i dont go in the bunquer

Andrew Natt says:

Electrical tape around the graphite shafts protects against bag rub.

jeremyL says:

Which golf course is shown in the vid?

James Beare Golf says:

I clean and dry my clubs after every round, and to be honest do after most shots with a tee. Digging the dirt out of the grooves seriously helps consistency

Magicmeatbag says:

One tip I think is important mention that I do a lot is using fine grades of car polish on the clubs. I'm actually doing that right now to my fathers old clubs to make them look a lot better for his birthday and it's pretty staggering just how much of the old grey look I can get rid of and really get my clubs to shine. That and a good car wax to seal it off and protect it.

 Don't do this all the time obviously but again I do find it funny that I can take 10-15 year old clubs and make them look almost brand new minus the dings/scratches and such. Good company would be the Chemical Guys 36 and 38 cutting grade polish along with some microfiber towels (( very important to use these )). The 36 to remove some of the lighter scratches and the old grey look and the 38 to really give it that shine. Along with that I use as a final step something called "Red rouge" which is a final step polishing compound for jewelers. Just rub the compound on the microfiber towel and sparkly time. Anyways /2cents.

Edit : Wouldn't take the polish to anything with a matte finish though. Would kinda ruin the intent of the look. Unless you wanted a more shiny version of the satin.

The Callaway Kid says:

Neil, I have a great tip for you and I swear by it because it works. Clean your grips with WD40 and really work the oil in. Leaving your grip oil and slime free!

Andrew Natt says:

No baby wipes please! They all contain plastic and do not compost, they all end up in landfill or the ocean.

Paul Wendon-Blixrud says:

Clean your shoes for sure, but not with baby wipes, they are really bad for the environment.

Mark Sheehan Golf Courses says:

I use an iron cover on every 2nd iron not to protect them but to stop the iron clattering noise as I carry!

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