8 Years Of TAYLORMADE Driver Testing… Much Difference!?

We take a look at the advancements of the Taylormade driver series to see what differences we could distinguish?

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24 thoughts on “8 Years Of TAYLORMADE Driver Testing… Much Difference!?

  1. Love your videos, I think though that your videos could be improved by putting up some sound absorption panels in your studio. They are relatively cheap and can make a big improvement on your audio.

  2. Im moving from m6 to sim 2 was want stealth 2 but spoke to people were the face came off ,seen a video were face broke ,not paying £500 for that to happen ????

  3. sim 2 max is the best driver taylor made has ever come out with. Damn shame it was so structurally weak. I cracked 2 of them. Stealth is trash

  4. I just recently switched to the ltdx cobra ….I had a speedzone with an upgraded shaft ….found a ltdx 9degree head still in plastic with headcover for 189 us dollars 204 and some change to my front door ….and I love it….but I also just put a set of s55s in my bag as well ….they are in great shape and a friend who had them never really played them much got a new set of 525s and just gave the s55s to me …I was gaming the mp5s mizuno …first time out with the s55s and it was easy to see they would be staying in the bag ….going in January to get fitted for the I 230s …..but to he honest probably should just re shaft the s55s ….would like have kbs money taper pvd black shafts in my next irons ….and more than likely will put a set in the s55s …..point being sometimes older "kit" is not always a bad thing ….I really think the I 230 will struggle to preform any better than the s55 … and I know because half the guys I play with have ping 425 or 430 drivers that they are great but my 300plus dollars cheaper cobra ltdx preforms just as well ….sounds amazing and for me just a touch longer……no question though ping makes great equipment….and I am just not a Taylor made fan ….didn't like the way they bought out Adam's just to rip off their tech …..or the fact they bring out a new driver every couple months after telling you the last model was the greatest driver ever made …….

  5. IMO for the price and the yardage difference the M2 still comes out as King as the average golfer is still taking cost of clubs into consideration and the M2 is almost half the cost of the Sim2 . cheers . keep up with these great videos 🙂

  6. I played a 2016 M2 for two seasons until I got custom fit earlier this year for TSR2 and now TSR3 is in my bag. TSR3 is by far the best driver I’ve ever played and I’ve been playing nearly 30 years!
    I have to say that M2 was an amazing driver. I consistently got low spin, great sound and forgiveness. TSR2 outperformed it by “only” 6 yards but I did get a better smash factor. Now my TSR3 outperformed the 2 so that’ll be in my bag for at least 3-5 years

  7. Nice video Simon. However the longest TM driver isn't on the on the table. The Taylormade SLDR. Yes. It does have adjustable weighting. Yes its unforgiving as the angry ex gf from hell. But good God it was long as hell!

  8. Do you offer an indoor ball fitting? Whether it be just Vice balls or all brands?
    I would certainly be interested. Proper outdoor ball fittings are near impossible to find in the UK

  9. Enjoyed the video I would like to see Ping G400MAX Vs G410plus G425max and G430max or…. the TM M1orM3/M5or SiM/ SiM2 / stealth 2 plus all the adjustable in your loft and your swing speed and see how it compares to your PXG

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