Hogan's MAGIC Elbow – Learn This For Perfect Contact!

Ben Hogan was one of the greatest ball strikers of all time. Hogan’s swing was studied a length and was considered one of the best golf swings of all time.

One of the most noticeable pieces of Hogan’s swing was how his right elbow stayed extremely close to his body throughout the swing. This served to help him swing the club on a powerful, consistent plane and allowed him to be one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Poor trail arm motion is a common issue for regular golfers. Most golfers will find that their arm LIFT excessively off of their body in the backswing AND downswing leading to poor contact and weak shots which lack distance and penetration.

Training the trail arm to work better is simplified with this drill using a regular belt which is fastened around your torso and trail arm. This connects the arm to the body and allows you to learn to correctly synchronise the motion of the body AND the arms.

Learning to do this will help you deliver the club to the ball in a more powerful and consistent manner, helping you to improve your ball striking and lower your scores.

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17 thoughts on “Hogan's MAGIC Elbow – Learn This For Perfect Contact!

  1. Hi Rob I've noticed that your Left arm is twisted with your elbow tucked in and the front of your elbow pocket facing foreward when i strengthen my grip my elbow points twards the target and still bend my left arn slighitly how do i have 3 knuckles showing and keep my left elbow tucked in to keep my left arm straight

  2. Even more interesting is that Hogan had a super open club face all the time. Bradley Hughes is explaining that perfectly. So there is of course not one way to hit a golf ball. I like stack tilt a lot. Combined with the open club face and forearm roll like Hogan it is a perfect swing model.

  3. I always lose this feeling when trying to hit the driver. I love the way I hit my irons now but I hit my driver so poorly I might break it

  4. Rob I just subscribed to your channel. Excellent video. I’ve dug out my old Hogan book reviewing his instructions on keeping the right elbow tucked. There’s a drawing of Hogan with his forearms wrapped in a rope which he talks of keeping the elbows together throughout the swing. Lately I’ve become lazy with this and have had some disappointing rounds. After watching your video I pulled out my 8 iron and practiced in the back yard. Quickly only after few swings that ‘good’ swing feeling came back. Going to the range tomorrow to work on it. Thank you!

  5. Excellent explanation, demonstration, and drill Rob on Hogan's "Magic Elbow!" I own a copy of Ben Hogan's Five Lessons book and over the many years I have often referred back to it! Over the past year, I have been working on keeping my right elbow into my right side. I immediately know when it leaves my side because I will either get a pull or push type of shot. Good Job Rob! Keep up the good work!

  6. Great drill to instill the right feel for the right arm/elbow Rob – Jack Nicklaus had a flying right arm to assist his power but his timing and weight shift married up with bringing the arm down.
    I also believe that Hogan was double jointed so pretty hard to copy what he was able to achieve with his right arm.

  7. such a great lesson. i try to help my friends out with your fantastic tutoring and i see it paying off every week and each season. Im no teacher, but i do enjoy sharing your videos and then watching my friends apply it and become better golfers.

  8. Man I've noticed the close right elbow is the key then you release this video and re affirm my thinking the belt trick is a sweet ideal thanks Rob your the man

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