96th PGA Championship *2014* Third Round ,Valhalla GC

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Enjoy the ‘ US PGA Championship' Third Round ,from Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky.
Prize Money : $1,8 million

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Chase Turknett says:

idk why but i like the european commentators, they know what they are talking about

Jengo Wilkinson says:

Can you please find a way to re-upload all the videos you used to have?

whetedge says:

Enjoying much…thanks for uploading.

sturmbann777 says:

Final Round????

80s And Stuff says:

final round????!

Jengo Wilkinson says:

Please bring your videos back!

Sean Lee says:

Is that Butch Harmon on microphone?  I'm not a fan of Jason Day but why did Butch have to be so fucking negative about Jason even before he holes out #2?  Asshole.

Hartmut Lorentzen says:

Auch nicht schlecht

Phillip St Clair-Holmes says:

Thanks heaps.

Khu NoPie says:

Mister Endie for President of these great United States of America!
Baba Booey and mashed potatoes for you dude!

Desmond van Zurk says:


atifter says:

Hi there,

Would you by any chance know the name of the background music which comes at 1h24m and at 2h1m10s?

Any help would be much appreciated


Jouni Hietanen says:

2:59:28 meatloafff!!

Edu Kim says:

28:58 is not a penalty shot when he put the club in the water?

Jean-luc Kijeveu says:

Cool tks but can you upload PGA on HD720p ?

kevin300760 says:

Thanks MrEndie77,one of the good guy's

Jack Edwards says:

Do u have the final round?

Jack Edwards says:

Pls upload ryder cup when it is on.

Phillip Taylor says:

Thanks for this, would love the final round coverage if possible ? Am away from home in Asia and missed it, although I obviously know the outcome, the coverage would be great
Many Thanks
Just read the below posts and see you are on it !! Thanks again 🙂

Jay Park says:

thank you…hope you'll continue to upload

Johnson Chan says:

day 4 please, thank you SIR !

ayazagl2000 says:

You are a boss….. plz plz upload final round and advise in how many hours we able to see ……. 

skateaus says:

You're the best Endie

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