TOP 5 forged Irons for LOW-MID Handicappers! ( Are these the best irons in golf?! )

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0:00-2:13 : Intro
2:14 : Golf irons overview
6:07 : Sim
15:57 : Top 8
18:57 : TOP 5
This week we have a HUGE video for you. Trevor and Tayte will be reviewing their TOP 5 LOW handicap irons! as you know we are a mid handicap golf channel so these are clubs the guys have had their eyes on for awhile. Hopefully your game keeps getting and better so it's important to know the clubs you are trying to work your way into! In this video they have a total of 8 clubs but break down to some of the tought competitors! Everyones opinion is different and just because these clubs suit Travor and Tayte doesnt mean they will work the same for you. We just wanted to make this video to give you some fisrt hand impressions after hitting each of these clubs! Please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! More videos incoming!

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11 thoughts on “TOP 5 forged Irons for LOW-MID Handicappers! ( Are these the best irons in golf?! )

  1. I’m a low handicap player. I game the T100’s (2021) and love them. I’m picky about size of my irons and feel. I like traditional lofts because I already hit the ball plenty far I don’t need my 7 iron going farther than 180. That being said the cobras really seem to be an underdog everyone seems to really enjoy playing them. I’m looking forward to the next release of Mizuno pro irons. The 223’s were just too big and too hot for my liking. The reason I like the T100’s is because they look like a blade at address but still have the tungsten weighting in the event I catch it slightly out the toe or slightly low I lose 5-7 yards. It’s that perfect blend between the consistency of a blade and enough help of a cavity back that I love. I wish Mizuno would make something similar it just seems the 223/243 line is that players distance which doesn’t suite my game. Nice video.

  2. “If you don’t have one of these 3, you’re shopping in the wrong department.” (As his cohost is playing something other than those 3 ????)

    Good video guys. Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much for this video and putting a priority on feel!!!! Feel is soooo important to me but it seems like no one else ever talks about it!!!!

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