99% Of Golfers Should Use THESE GOLF CLUBS!?

99% Of Golfers Should Use THESE GOLF CLUBS!? When choosing which golf clubs you should use its important to think about the best golf clubs for you, the best forgiving golf clubs? the best forgiving irons? the longest golf clubs of 2021? in this video I play golf with the new Cobra One Length RADSPEED Irons… so many people claim that using one length golf clubs could be the future more 99% of golfers. And even so much as using the Cobra One Length Hybrid, which feels very, very, very strange to hit… but could potentially be the future!? are these the best golf clubs of 2021? the best mid handicap golf clubs of 2021? the best mid handicap golf clubs of 2021? let's find out…. and let's do it now!

14 thoughts on “99% Of Golfers Should Use THESE GOLF CLUBS!?

  1. Hi James .. enjoyed your video as usual .. I envy u being able to play solo ..
    are sure they are single length Cobra clubs..?
    I thought Cobra differentiated One Length clubs by having BLUE grips for the clubs.. or has Cobra changed that..?
    anyway, I believe in One Length clubs.
    take care and stay safe.

  2. I almost bought a set of these about 6 months ago but they were still a bit pricey and 7 irons about when I start hittin em crap anyway lol. I'm better with the shorter clubs. And how many one lengths hybrids and FW woods can ya get? I couldn't find any and wasn't sure if there even were any. I figured even if ya went one lengths ya couldn't get away from using different length clubs. I mean ya still need a standard length driver. I can't see a one length driver with a 7 iron shaft going very far, or FW woods are hybrids for that matter. Unless ya Bryson maybe ?‍♂️?

  3. I play with these also. Honestly reduced my handicap from 36 to 14 just by using this irons! I don’t even use a driver as these are so consistent I don’t need to hit a long ball!

  4. I only ask why haven’t other main manufacturers adopted it if it’s so good?
    I get the concept but if they ever stop doing this set up where does that leave the golfers that rely on them they will have to readjust back to variable length ?

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