A golf lesson from ben hogan and his golf swing in biz hub slo-mo swing vision style

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Golf In Red says:

All You Need To Know. :D

John M says:

Back then people had manners and were gentlemen, lol

Daniel Smith says:

what a gent if you don’t mind ill demonstrate why would any one mind advice
from the great ben hogan

Derek Bowers says:

Are you kidding? Do I mind? Feel free to show how to hit every club in your
bag. lol

TheNYgolfer says:

so then why did Ben have to work so hard at it 🙂

GolfWorkshop says:

You could fall asleep watching his swing…..

orlandogolflessons says:

Hogan was and still is the man.

Stephen Mc Gowan says:

unbelievable tekkers!

allenofthetower says:

@thevmanvj well not really he was waggling to set himself up for another
secret in his swing that he never shared.

Scott McGillivray says:

Listen to funky disco music while watching the slow-mo swing… seriously,

Elysianend1 says:

Amazing… Makes me cry :’)

Frank chiew says:

I love the extension!

husky7876 says:

i thought it was hilarious, keep up the good work

S. L. Conner says:

I saw there are 5 dislikes!!!!! How could anyone not like this!!!!!!

wengalan0624 says:

Perfection…just perfection. Speechless

irish89055 says:

I don’t mind Ben..

S. L. Conner says:

It’s not the quantity….it’s the quality of the practice. You do not need
to practice for many years to get a solid understandable swing.

John Thomas says:

Learned to golf reading the 5 fundamentals way back in the day. Woulda been
great to have this clip as a dvd insert then. Greatest swing ever, imo.

Thomas Flocco says:

if you dont mind…

thevmanvj says:

That’s correct. Every great ball striker in the game will tell you
this..(and it’s really dominated my thinking) “If you can take the tension
out of your grip, you can take the tension out the rest of your body.”
That’s why I started waggling in my pre-swing routine…to allow my hands &
forearms to relax. When I can feel the full weight of the club in my
fingers,I’m ready. It”s helped everything in my swing. And more you relax,
it allows the the elements of the swing to happen at max capacity

Bobba8590 says:

No Ben… we don’t mind.

Stephen Johnson says:

think of separation. The left hip from the left arm at the start of the
downswing. Left arm resistance gets you in the slot and avoids casting.
Think of left hip moving toward the target and the left arm trying to go
the other way.

BoHoVsGolf says:

@bigboycat1 your in the wrong video…

str8upptalent says:

@TheAnthonydigian you have to be kidding.. hes the complete opposite of it.

trevorgreycattleco says:

@bucko06 you are a idiot. Go bitch at someone that deserves it.

thevmanvj says:

@golfswingfixer Good point. Although starting the swing from the ground up
is important, the preservation of the spine angle (with the head and
tailbone at each end, remaining steady throughout the swing) is absolutely
vital to consistently strike the ball hard and true. Keep swingin’ and I’ll
see you out there!

Wilson Wang says:

my god. his swing is flawless…

S. L. Conner says:

I completely agree!!!!

CazHattrick11 says:

That swing is a gift from god.

S. L. Conner says:

Thanks “doctordonal” for posting this video for me to view!!!! I used
snippets of it on my website because the clarity is pretty good for this
old clip.

t308 says:

“If you don’t mind, I’ll hit a ball”. Go right ahead Ben…..

Ricky Tingy Tangy says:

@TheAnthonydigian LOL you might as well say it looks like Jim Furyk’s
Swing. “stack and slap” may have a few positions that appear to be similar,
but Mr Hogan swung the club very differently. Although you could mention
the large lateral hip movement forward and left. Bennett and Plummer are
expert salesmen and are laughing all the way to the bank!

reflectivegoat says:

Mr. Hogan: “Just strike it perfectly, like this.” Thanks for the tip.

golfnff says:

Timeless, poetry in motion!

sacramentoskip says:

He makes it look way too easy.

Mox_au says:

loosen the fuck up you old fart

Mike Jenkins says:

Is that kind of language necessary for a comment on golf lessons?…bet you
live in a council flat, out of work and drive a car with no tax or
insurance…sum you up??

SuperMozzman says:

This is without question the best piece of golf instruction ever – from the
greatest swing ever.

wolves649 says:

tht wing makes me jizz

Doug H says:

poetry in motion

ed chapman says:

Back in the ’80’s Golf Magazine had an editorial by Thomas Boswell and the
theme was to build a case to support how difficult it was to dominate the
tour because of the depth of talent. Tom Kite was quoted as saying if Hogan
was still active on the tour, he doubted the great man could win more than
2 tournaments. I replied with a letter (which they printed) and I agreed
with Kite, but I added that I figured that wasn’t bad for someone in their
70’s with 2 bad wheels. Greatest ball striker ever!

Al Mundy says:

@golfswingfixer Of course “he fails to mention” a lot of things—DUH—there
are too many aspects of the golf swing to encompass them all in ONE tip. He
wrote TWO books on the full swing alone, hardly mentioning chipping and
putting. Heck, he spent FIVE pages on the grip alone. No ONE tip is going
to encompass ALL aspects of the golf swing. His two books have been
reprinted many, many times over the years and have helped thousands, maybe
millions of golfers.

James McDonald says:

What’s amazing to me is how Hogan created this swing without fancy lessons
or high profile swing coaches, without slow motion video, without Bizhub
camera feedback, without all the gimmicks and tricks you see today. He
learned it in the dusty dirt driving ranges in Texas. It’s just amazing.

fradaja says:


S. L. Conner says:

I think your over complicating it! It really is not that hard.

ael buel says:

Cheee! Wheren´t they voting for the eighth wonder some years ago.

Mox_au says:

If you don’t mind, I’ll smash this white cunt into the
stratosphere………and you’ll love it

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