Acustrike Alternative Training Mat | Is it Worth it?

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This is a review of a cheap training mat for $12 which is supposed to be the imitation of the austrike training mat that costs around $50.

Not sure about the quality of this product, but with care it might work.

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My name is Erich and I live in Italy welcome to my channel. I used to play golf on and off for many years, but I started my journey again about 8 years ago, changing my swing completely.

My goal is to become a single figure handicap golfer in the near future.

To achieve this goal, I built my own backyard putting green and set up a backyard golf net. I love playing in my backyard green, doing drills, club reviews and playing at the range and at the course to get better at the game and ultimately reach my goal (hopefully).

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The Backyard Golfer says:

My review of the alternative Acustrike training mat…..Is it worth it??? Hard to say….

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Martin Wright says:

the mat doesn't stick si isn't very good. I bought one fron amazon in the UK for £40 with a heavier rubber base. The idea is excellet but don't go for the cheapest option.

Al Segura says:

2:38 minutes into the video and I’m already asking for a refund lol.

J Tudhope says:

Man what a beautiful view at that driving range!

So Close Yet So Far says:

Thank you for trying out this product and letting us know in the comments below that it wasn't worth it. It really helps the rest of us save time and money! I hope your channel takes off because you really give good advice about what types of equipment to use when we practice at home!

aj dileo says:

Hahahaha that first hit. Man that background at the range is fantastic.

David Pears says:

Just bought and tried it . Even as a cheap buy it’s a load of rubbish .Damages too easily even after five swings. CR.A.P.

oldguyrules Weyerman says:

Always on a budget and this year even more so. I think if you did it at home or any grass ttake 4 tee's one in each corner to stake it down.

D says:

I've got the acustike mat and I think it's better than this. You can easily see the mark like it's not hard to tell at all you can see it easy.

Metalheads Golf says:

Cool that it works and way better priced. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

Ken Gardner says:

Curious how different this is than the original. Wonder if you hit foam balls indoors if you could see the marks better. The concept of seeing the bath and point of turf interaction is great for players of all levels. Even if it wears out after hitting it a few weeks it is worth replacing at 14 dollars a clip. I really appreciate your reviews on this channel.

Miles Martin Golf says:

Great video. Ive always wondered how well the original works. I agree about the matt being higher making you hit the ball fat. I had that issue with a small hitting mat in the back yard. It sat on top of the grass and then ball sat on that so it was 2+ inches higher than it should be.

Lets Play Thru says:

It's a good concept, but that mat moving every shot would drive me nuts. It's got to affect the strike too I would think.

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