Strike Your Irons Shots Pure – AcuStrike Golf Review

This is a review of the AcuStrike Golf Mat along with a drill to help you make better ball contact with your irons.
AcuStrike Here ▶ htttps://
AcuStrike Here ▶ htttps://

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27 thoughts on “Strike Your Irons Shots Pure – AcuStrike Golf Review

  1. Bought an accustrike years before your sponsorship. It has worn out. Also purchased the strike mat with the springs you endorsed. Are you going to sponsor the divot board? Do you have a sponsor link to support your channel?

  2. Hey bud, I've noticed other sites selling similar products like this. They look almost exactly the same but the price is lower. I'd probably take the indoor one.

  3. Boy! I don’t know…Sometimes you can be quite condescending buddy. Don’t tell us it’s been sitting around in your house until you’ve run out of ideas for new material. Which is effectively what you did…And then fling one of them towards one of your chickens. On your next review I think you should say…”I’m grateful to receive new innovative golf products for free…” 1000 times – as penance for your ingratitude. What do you say buddy?!

  4. I have been unable to find you outdoor golf mat on your site or links. It looks like you use a 5' x 5' cushion mat. Can you tell me the manufacturer and source? Love your videos and tips. Love if there was a discount so happy to buy from your coupon code or link.

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