Adam Scott Has His Golf Swing Analyzed by Claude Harmon | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

Adam Scott's swing, analyzed by Claude Harmon.

Well, for me if I could design a golf swing this is what it would look like.
I think Adam Scott has the best golf swing in the world, on any tour.
To me he has the modern, athletic golf swing, so he uses his legs as support better than, really any player that I've ever seen other than Tiger Woods.
He makes a beautiful shoulder turn, the upper body coils around a very stable lower body. The thing I love most about Adam's golf swing is he uses the ground for not only support but for power and speed.
He does a fantastic job of keeping his arms and hands nice as wide away from the top of his head. So when you look at Adam Scott's golf swing one of the things that Adam does fantastic is he keeps the golf club very much in front of him on the take away. Adam loves to hit drawls. The club head stays very much in front of his hands, very much in front of his body and as he turns the golf club back, his body is turning with the golf club as opposed to his hands and arms working independently away from his body on his backswing. If you could copy one thing,
off of the ball. There's no wasted motion. The upper body turns around the lower body and at waist high the golf club is stayed in front of his hands, in front of his legs and he's turning his upper body around a very stable lower body.

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Adam Scott Has His Golf Swing Analyzed by Claude Harmon | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

17 thoughts on “Adam Scott Has His Golf Swing Analyzed by Claude Harmon | Swing Analysis | Golf Digest

  1. I obtained these golf swing tricks , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), read it in 1 night, and the following day at the driving range put it into practice. I was instantly taking right divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I attained ten to fifteen yards more distance than the normal distance I have with my irons. Try it out yourself!.

  2. There's always the obligatory 20-handicapper critiquing the swing of a major winning professional. Some guy who's been pelting the squirrels in the right trees for years commenting: "His head moves a sixteenth of an inch too much for my liking in the backswing."

  3. Arms were late in this swing that's why the awkward finish he was trying to catch the arms up. Upper body was out of the shot a touch early relative to the arms.

  4. Skinny guys always have cleaner looking lines….why dont they talk about his hangback loop and lower body weight moving slightly backward instead of around….his does NOT rotate the lower half like others…..But since he looks flexible everyone gives it a pass.

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