Adam Scott Golf Swing Long Irons (FO & DTL views) Emirates Australian Open, Sydney, December 2019.

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Butch O says:

I try to visualize his swing when I hit balls-instant inprovement.

John Florio says:

Look at the sign behind him! On the upswing all we see is AgB but on the downswing we see AgBio and half the E!

agentSmith says:

Watch Adam lift the thumb on his trail hand during the backswing, then return it around parallel prior to impact.
Possibly assisting to keep tension out of the trail hand with this move? 03:39

Angelo C says:

Michael, these videos are really fantastic! Adam’s swing is one of the most technically perfect there is. Thanks for sharing.

MrSmashmouth07 says:

this guy videos are so well done normal and then slow motion so you really study what’s happening and best of all no annoying music so we can focus learning a lot here

Ravi Haniyur says:

Thanks for posting an awesome video of Adam Scott!. During takeaway and Backswing it amazing to see how he keeps his lower body quiet and yet achieve the depth at the top, which is probably why he is able to shallow and come from inside

고양이골프 says:


Fred A says:

His wrists/hands are very loose and smooth, at the finish it looks like the club was gonna slip lol

Dominic Giudici says:

If you go to 7:02 and watch his club face at the ball it’s very cool to see. He puts the club face about 2 inches from the ball and he has a small trigger where he moves the club in towards the ball a little bit before starting his backswing. I’ve never noticed that before. I’m gonna try that.

Jason Lee says:

Thanks Michael for this.

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