Mizuno JPX919 irons tested and reviewed by Mark Crossfield . Which iron might suit your golf game the most from the 919 JPX Forged to the 919 JPX Tour. See what Mark feels with these two golf clubs from Mizuno golf and if they might make the difference to your approach play. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and drills and reviews from Mark Crossfield.

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  1. I always thought that the tour was a hammer forge head. The other you are calling forged looks like a investment cast head. Both seem to have some amount of finished machining. ?? Confused​ in America.

  2. Because of this video, I'm trading in my JPX-919 Forged for the JPX-919 Tour !! Just hit them and getting better spin numbers at back end !! Thank you for giving me the confidence to make the move !!

  3. Great review Mark. Getting a proper fitting with a proper fitter is tough to do. Especially if the fitter is only there to sell you clubs rather than get what's best for you. Your content is awesome.

  4. Great review. Now that we know how both clubs compare for an elite ballstriker, it would be most interesting to hit both clubfaces consistently off center, on course and with launch monitors, so we learn how the forgiveness works in reality.

  5. Wondering if others have the same issue as me on combo sets. Tried them over the last year (MPs and Callaway MB/X) and it drives me crazy to go between looks. Got the tours and love em.

  6. A bit of a catch 22 on spin vs. durability and therefore affordability. The best spin numbers seem to be associated with iron designs made of significantly softer steel than what is used in thin faced GI irons. I spend a lot of time on a range where divots are repaired with sharp gritty sand. In years past I've worn the groove edges off soft steel irons in less than 2 years (pristine old Hogan set, now hard to find in unworn condition). I cant afford to buy new irons every 2 or 3 years just to keep the spin up. Are there high spinning irons with durable faces?

  7. Out of curiosity, for us average joe's how can we test irons drivers etc. that you always recommend us to test before deciding (which is the best damn advice ever). Besides going to get fit, and paying a few dollars for, is there any way to get some irons or drivers out on the course at a low cost for the average slub? or is it always at a fitter and or a big box store??

  8. Great review, Mark! I went with the combo set in forged 4-6 and tour 7-P. Really like having that extra bit of height you were talking about in my long irons. Little larger, but it gives me to confidence to go after it when I am using them for long par 3's or par 5s. The smaller profile in the tours give me confidence in flighting the ball for in-between yardages.

  9. Another honest review…… but there are just too many clubs to choose from and golfers that are maybe not to tech minded or good enough golfers ( by that I mean myself ?) just go to a shop and stand there totally confused ?️‍♂️⛳

  10. Sorry Mark….this video is way to biased towards Titleist…?? ?? Brilliant review as ever…ive had titleist ZB forged for 10 years…AP2's being built as we speak..??

  11. If you get a combo set, the forged have stronger lofts than the tour. Should you get the lofts adjusted on the longer irons on the forged to keep the progression in loft more consistent?

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