Affordable Urethane Cover Golf Ball | Taylormade Tour Response + PIX 2.0

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*Filmed on Dec 3rd, 2019 at Taylormade HQ – testing in the studio coming soon!*
Talking with Mike Fox about the new Taylormade Tour Response golf ball offering urethane cover for tour ball spin at an affordable price. Plus we chat about the new PIX 2.0 golf ball designed by Rickie Fowler!

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Devon Bunch says:

Take a look at the vice pro soft

David Currie says:

Really, only urethane ball at this price point? Wilson professional, Srixon Q Star, Seed Golf, Vice Golf ….. the list goes on. Come on TaylorMade we're not idiots.

Patrick Dennis says:

You guys are awesome… I love your channel (most informative/helpful/enlightening golf channel on the web). Obviously, you wanted to be gracious guests and not push back, but he is careful to state that no OEM ball has a urethane cover at that price point. But Snell's MTB-X (okay, so not OEM — a distinction that literally NObody should care about) has a urethane cover and has performance characteristics that are right there with the 'premium' balls. People still pay for the premium balls ONLY because TM and Titleist have the money to pay stars big $$$ to play their brands, so golfers want the same things the pros play. Pros have told Dean Snell they'd play his ball on tour if Snell would pay them, and he has said (so far) no thanks.

M says:

The Tour B XS is the ball I use and it's a 3 layer urethane golf ball with 80 compression and this ball very close to those specs but cheaper.

Tony Mayren says:

Very interesting and informative, the golf ball is so important! Golfers spend hundreds of pounds on clubs, but don't give enough consideration to the ball they use! Make's no sense!

shawn kinney says:

hey would this be a bad ball for me with a ball speed of 160 with range balls on top tracer?

Rakel Ósk Valtýsdóttir says:

can i use the TaylorMade TP5x Pix Ball on track man?

Ed Rohan says:

This fellow really loses credibility when he say's that this is the only product offering urethane cover at an affordable price. Srixon Qstar tour has been on the market for a long time at this price point. Why did you let him get bye with putting out misinformation?

Larry Proffer says:

Srixon Q-Star Tour

Collin Willis says:

Started playing Project A's last year and loved them. Will be interesting to see if they just changed the name or tried to fix something that worked

Keith Newton says:

This is rubbish, I’m now using the Kirkland signature ball from Costco which is now available in England, it has a Urethane cover and is 3 piece, can’t tell the difference between it and a pro v, price £27 for 2 dozen

Max Hansen says:

So the Project A is urethane and 70 compression. This "new ball" is urethane and 70 compression (over all even if the core is 40)… So what else is new?…

Moo Trail says:

Mike Fox said the identical things about the Project (a). Same cover, same 3 piece, same compression. Hello Project (a). That's a lot of infomercial for the same ball.

Tony Fleming says:

hey guys tp5 and tp5x $53.00 doz response $83.00 dozen in Australia.. not going to sell to many so much for a cheaper ball

J. 4NASH says:

if it spins around the greens, cuts thru the wind from the front and doesnt go offline from side wind. let's me shape my shots when needed & feels soft like TP5 but gives me more off the tee then my TP5 Gamer & Tour BxS ball. The. I'll game it all day…. my SS is 110mph with driver… idk if this ball will do good for me since its built for slower SS… but will give it a try tho

Tony Melville Photography says:

Would prefer less of the TM hype and more dispassionate testing!

Mountain Teacher says:

"When you putt the product" PR guys-?

Boba Defett says:

Hell the TaylorMade project (a) is a urethane ball that is already cheaper than this new ball. I have no idea why this ball is being released.

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