NEW Titleist TOUR SPEED // Golf Ball Review

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Testing the new Titleist Tour Speed golf ball, designed for maximum ball speed while retaining many of the characteristics of a premium tour ball.

0:00 // Intro
4:57 // Testing
9:46 // Results

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



Paul Gray says:

Great review, I tried out and shot my best ever round gross 73, net 65 would def saycworth trying out, I immediately went and bought a dozen ?

ljigga says:

The people need to see Titleist Tour Speed vs Taylormade Tour Response. Please make it happen my lads

Bmos 21 says:

Tour Response vs Tour Speed!!! Do it!!

Luis bronco says:

aloo la verdad re lindo video lo disfrute necesito el proximo grabación me retiro les dejo kisses agradecido

ccmorgan53 says:

Price will be a killer to there sales . Pro v 1 in Aust is around $72 a doz . Tour speed suggested sale price is $63 a doz au . May as well buy pro v 1 they are around $72 a dozen

John Bartel says:

I'm going to try this new Titleist Tour Speed. But just an observation as I watch more and more of your hannel and reviews it is hard for me as a 62 year old, 87- 90 mph swing speed player to relate the information gleaned by Matt who is exponentially faster. In fact, I think the majority of players over estimate their swing speeds. I am 6.5 handicap, so I have good short game as you probably would guess. Thank you, keep up the good videos and testing.

todd blythe says:

Can we see a Tour Speed vs Tour Response vs Q Star Tour video???

dream-_ weaver says:

Hey guys, can you test refurbished Titleist Pro V 1s? Do they still spin like the new ones from the box?
They are less than half the price of the new ones.

J Antonio says:

Played with these yesterday. They're the cheaper version of the AVX with a higher ball flight. It's starting to get cooler and windy up here in Long Island and they performed great in the wind. Only downside for me was that they ran off some of the greens on approach shots with irons. But for $40 I would buy them again.

Kyle Smith says:

I would like to see a review and comparison of the Cut brand balls.

FolkRoots says:

Excellent review. I really enjoyed it and subscribed because of this video! Thank you!

Lucas Teel says:

Would like to see Titleist Tour Speed against TaylorMade Tour Response. Seems the Titleist May edge it out

Gil Leonard says:

Played the Tour Speed today. It is a really decent ball. Does all aspects well for me. I think it will be a winner.

Jay Gurrola says:

So are these better or equivalent to taylormade tour response?? Cause those balls as legit.

Lucas Desjardins says:

Where abouts in Canada are you guys located? I’d be very interested in meeting up if you guys do custom club fittings to get measured up and here recommendations from you guys!

marty maness says:

I found one the other day and this pops up in my feed, wierd.

Shane Ducholke says:

Love you added the 50 yd pitch shot to shown the feel shots, would like to see you also add a 25-30 yd shot where there is more ball release. Nice to see how consistent that release is

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