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14 thoughts on “Amazing GOLF GEM : TRAINING PARTS 2 and 3

  1. I'm 3 weeks in with the GEM and I am getting the hang of it. Your tips have been a huge help. The wobble is getting less and I am starting to feel a powerful golf "feeling".

  2. You have the best channel on learning golf out there. The AMG guys are the best at the technical aspects of the golf swing, but you are the best at learning. Can you tell me, after all of these lessons and all this exploration in golf, how has your personal game changed? How much better are you than when you started, and will you ever consider publishing a digest or a summation of what you feel are the fundamental, cardinal principles of learning golf?

  3. I think I finally figured out the GEM. Instead of putting it directly at the bottom of the club face, put it at the bottom with a forward press. Where you are at impact. It frustrated me that it would wobble after impact, but I believe that is because of a press. Putting it at the bottom of the press, puts it where your swing is and should be. Way less wobble. What do you think Brendon?

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