10 Products Every Golfer MUST Have!

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These is actually 13 products that every golfer must have. Or at least check out.
NexBelt ▶ https://www.nexbelt.com/
Sunday Golf ▶ https://sundaygolf.com/
2UNDR ▶ https://2undr.com/
7 Diamonds Clothing ▶ https://glnk.io/90y4/mrshortgame
Use Code: MSG15
Devil Ball ▶ https://puttout.golf/products/devil-ball
Putt Out ▶ https://puttout.golf/collections/frontpage/products/puttout-premium
Skinny Golf ▶ https://skinnygolf.com/
Blue Tees Golf ▶ https://www.blueteesgolf.com/
Goat Lane ▶ https://goatlane.com/
Titleist ▶ https://www.titleist.com/
Jumbo Max ▶ https://jumbomax.com/
MGI Zip Navigator ▶ https://us.mgigolf.com/
Alignment Ball Mark ▶ http://www.alignmentballmark.com/

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Respect The Reef says:

Bro it’s all your sponsors… come on

Michael says:

6 months after the show and your review (which I loved). A new product is appearing on YouTube that sounds too good to be true and I would love to see your review. A really awesome Laser Range finder that has so much new tech: The Caddy Talk Cube range finder.

Howard Rasey says:

So, if you marked your ball, then twisted the marker to a new alignment, and placed your ball in the “new” position aligned with the marker, wouldn’t that be a penalty?

vanity says:

no timestamps = not watching

Golden3ye says:

sold straight out

Bradley 050 says:

I need shirt and pants for golf?

Danny P. says:

One hella of a salesman.

postman666andrei says:

"unbias my opinion" LOL great vid but i think he missed what "unbias" means

John Crary says:

Must haves
1. Clubs
2. Balls
3. Time
4. Money
5. Shoes
6. Polos
7. Carry bag
8. Chipping net
9. Some sort of at home putting mat
10. More time

Pothegadoo Bhavish says:

more like 3real must have!!!shoes + balls+ yardage without the speaker please 🙂

Chris Kumlin says:

You literally started off with something that isn't a must

Captain BigBird says:

Anything with the word "devil" in it, I'm out. No reason to name something devil. 🙄

Austin Hernandez says:

I liked the casual tongue and cheek presentation. Felt like I went to the convention with a friend 😊

christopher byrne says:

This business of charging $35 for a pair of jocks is a joke, total scam for $2 cotton jocks

J. Kerr says:

THREE under? Sounds like a personal issue!

Broxty says:

Wtf is this bullshit? Just lost a ton of respect for this guy because of his blatant lie on this video.

Carl Malone says:

The PuttOut logo looks like Knockoff Piretti putters

Tom O'Leary says:

Devil ball!? 🤣

Sunfish Golf Headcovers and Accessories says:

love your videos Matt

John Henderson says:

I’m older and like to walk 9 holes at a time. I use a click gear push cart but what I really need is a portable chair that I can attach to bag or cart when your stuck waiting for a slow group. And a seat that supports my weight and I don’t have to balance when in use.

Gydez says:

Need one for the wife and the girlfriend 🤣

Kidding honey!

Boys you got me in case she finds this..? We all know this is jokes…

Please don’t make me sleep on the couch again!!!

Mr K says:

Lol. So sponsored its not funny. This is something every golfer doesn’t need.

dylan lynds says:

So i must have that underwear to play golf? Wow if i only knew before

Josh Asmus says:

$35 for one pair of underwear is insane.. They are making $33 profit on those at least. I don't care how amazing they say they are. I can't even get a weeks worth for under $100

g says:

Whoever named those shoes goat lane should be fired along with the guy who okayed it.

Smith says:

2023 epic year… searching the entire showroom floor… whittling it down…not the maybes, we are talking the absolute musts. A brush that clips to your belt. What!? Who wants that? Won’t get your white pants dirty good luck with that and good luck on your downswing not to mention looking like a tool. Double-sided to clean your clubs AND your grooves, the grooves are part of the club if you say clean your clubs that means clean the grooves too and if you can’t clean your clubs with a wet towel and a tee you are a delinquent which is who this product is made for.

bernie2k6 says:

If you use the ball marker as you described, it won't work, because you would have to position the ball to a different location to align the lines of ball and marker… And this would be not the original location of the ball…

A C says:

You gotta check out BIG BALLS GOLF. They are the best for warming up putting inside 10 feet

Kaiden Walker says:

I didn’t wear a belt last week 🧐 what happens now?

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