New GOLF Training Aid Dr. Kwon's Using to GET ON PLANE

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Thanks to Steven Erickson for coming on.

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Ayotolla Of Rock and Rolla says:

This can be done with a weighted club . Or a baseball donut at the bottom of the club . $3.00

Rob S. says:

What is the wheel video your referring to?

Ned Germany says:

Like the e-bell?

Rick Zabrodski says:

I am a TPI certified golf fitness instructor and have already used this aid several times to demonstrate the feel when other methods were, for whatever reason, not working: The shift then turn feel that we all perceive differently. (Daniel Khanemen won the Nobel prize demonstrating that our biggest bias is thinking everybody thinks and feels the same way as we do. This explains many of the comments on this thread! ) More options are generally better. Still not completely sure which club to use initially but a mid iron seems reasonable.

Bill Oliver says:

When will be Erikson Bell be on the market?? Likely cost??

Michael B says:

Have you released the video with the larger fuller swings yet? I could not find it. This video was very helpful. Perhaps you could combine the range portion of this video with a fuller larger swing video?

Jacob R says:

Can't we just do this with a medicine ball?

Scott says:

What range is that? Phoenix area?

Martin Dowling says:

Hard to keep up with all these training aids. Does this one train you in the same way as the GEM attachment to your club?

Maiden America says:

Centrifugal force? Reminds me of how coaches teach you how to turn a motorcycle at high speed by holding a wheel from the center axis and slightly adjusting your hands to move the wheel. Move too much – catastrophe. Move too little – your going to be passed. How I’ll translate this into my golf swing – let the swing come natural.

Gabriel Botsford says:

Is there a lefty model yet???

Look Mil says:

This contraption will never help anyone. Go get yourself a weighted driver and swing it. At least you’ll apply your hands to the weighted driver with an actual golf grip. Amateur golfers are by far and away the most naive group of desperate consumers alive.

John Strandt says:

It’s hydrodynamic in water.

Tony Barber says:

Tin cup approved

Overhand Golf says:

It's a nice idea but we don't swing a golf club by "keeping the face square to the target line," as the inventor said. That's not how a golf club works. The clubface is only square to the target line as the ball leaves the clubface, not before. The last thing you want is to hold the clubface square while you're swinging. Not only would you have a awkward swing but also a weaker strike. Imagine Jon Rahm swinging this thing – he would be doing exactly what you demonstrated as the wrong thing to do.

mvdolphins says:

I would die to have a range I could use at night, yours is so well lit and looks in great shape, lucky you! 🙂

Dave Cohn says:

This new training aid highlights one major problem that many golfers have when trying to implement Dr Kwon’s teaching
The demonstration of this aid shows the golfer moving the outside of the left hip beyond the outside of the left heel. The problem when doing this is that the left hip runs out of range of motion thus reducing the ability of the left hip socket to move back and the pelvis to rotate .
Mr Hogan did not move the outside of his left hip beyond his left heel. And neither do notable long drivers such as Dustin , Bryson , Cameron Champ or Kyle Berkshire among others .

Tim Wright says:

Like the plane aspect, but looks like it causes the hands to flip at, or before, contact. No?

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