AMAZING Swing Change With DRIVER

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Great to be able to work with Chris and help him with his driver swing.

Chris had a really common problem that many golfers struggle with but we managed to fix his issues with a really simple but effective drill

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Baker Vinci says:

Do you do this with irons as well?

Baker Vinci says:

Getting the grip behind your heels makes since

RJ says:

Im no expert, but i dont agree, rotation doesnt get your arm infront, lack of lower body gets it there, so only rotating arm, or getting handsy , yes, but if you launch the lower body, it automatically gets you hands behind and then the uppper body can come in. Its easiers to stick to one plane for us ams, buy most pros goes over and then drop onto the swing plane.

Obus says:

So just flatten the swing plane

Jerm Tha God says:

Recognized this feel after a lesson with my coach, really helps with swing path

Jeff Loewi says:

Love this, don't just tell me what to do but tell me WHY!

Huy Nguyen says:

Chris is such a good teacher; its not even funny!!

Arnaldo Garcia says:

The grip behind the heels with all the clubs ? Thank for your help

Mike Capannelli says:

Isn’t that a stuck position???

touristguy87 says:

blah blah blah

sapper made says:

I like that

Fschooll says:

I did that exact same thing and was told the exact same thing by my teacher. Definitely makes the game so much easier and the ball go further 🔥

Andrew McCullough says:

God I am so envious of that guy's mobility. Great looking swing, I'd kill for that position at the top 💪

juasauga80 says:

Love this. Simple, not convoluted, not full of bullshit vernacular. Just one simple thought

David Mayo says:

That's great! I struggle with coming over the top. Now I have a "check point" to practice. Thank you!

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