Simple Trick To Hit The Driver Better Instantly

How to hit a driver better with more speed and with a smooth golf swing with more distance and consistency. #shorts #youtubeshorts #golf #golfdriver #simplegolf

RickieFowler, Dustin Johnson to name a couple hover the driver to assist a long drive. It helps the tempo with your golf swing with the driver. Better tempo allows more sBryson Decahambaue, swing speed where it counts and also will help consistency.

So see this quick driver tip from Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple golf to help your swing speed and distance with the driver.​ for ultimate golf lessons free. Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing
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21 thoughts on “Simple Trick To Hit The Driver Better Instantly

  1. It also helps for people who hit the ground a lot. When I first started I always dug holes with my driver but I started hovering and I stopped smacking the ground

  2. Me and my son figured this out on the course in the middle of a round one day last year . Unfortunately this was right before the season ended and we were crushing everything. No more pop flys 200 yards in the middle of the fairway every other drive. Now it's just 300 + yard bombs
    My son who's only 8 years only was hitting 170 yards off the tee.

  3. I hover the club too and I can promise that is not all there is too it. But it is a start. It’s also about learning where you are swinging the club in space and that is not easy at all to do. I’ve been tryin to figure this game out for a long time and I can tell you all the normal swing thoughts likely won’t save you. What gets you to the promised land is something much more individualized and tailored to you that you figure out on your own after putting in the work, more work than you can imagine. It’s gotta be your own thing.

  4. I've been suffering from horrid driver play, consistently hitting 50 yards, super low and overall garbage hits. Tried this at the range today and hit a 250-yarder. Now I can actually have fun at the course with my family. Thanks so much!

  5. Huh people do that? not trying to sound like “that guy”, but I’ve been doing that my whole life and never really noticed other people do it. I always did it instinctively, didn’t even really think of the benefits

  6. I’ve literally been doing this for every club since I was a kid, everyone I played in tournaments with would always ask me why and i tell them it has always felt more natural to me. I’ve never seen anyone else do it until now which is so weird to me.

  7. I think my biggest problem is I’m bringing my driver to far up instead along the shoulder area and it’s causing me to hit with the toe of the driver.

  8. but now Im topping it. IF I tee it up any higher it goes straight up in the air for only like a 100 yards, but at least it's straight.

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