How to Get An Easy, Simple And Natural Driver Swing

Hitting the driver well is difficult, its low loft and longer length make good drives often harder to come by. For many, this can be made worse with too many swing thoughts which get in the way of their natural ability.

Here i show you how to strip it back and get an easy, simple and natural golf swing thats easy ton use and can work the very next time you play

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30 thoughts on “How to Get An Easy, Simple And Natural Driver Swing

  1. My relationship with the driver has always been a contentious one. Recently I’ve stopped trying to swing hard and fast. I’ve simply just started making solid contact with the ball. I started with a half swing and worked from there into a full swing. Seems like the easier I swing the better the result. I may have lost some distance off of my best drive, but consistency has greatly increased, and I’ll take that trade off any day.

  2. Ryan, I like to try different instructors on You Tube to get a variety of suggestions. I have been watching your lessons for several years. I always find simple, easy to incorporate and very helpful suggestions. I have returned to this lesson on reducing swing thoughts on the driver several times. I’m sure I will again. Many thanks.

  3. You put words to the problem I’ve been having as a new golfer. Too many “swing thoughts”….trying to remember the various instructions I’ve been given.

  4. Best driver (or any club) swing tip out there. The old Manuel De La Torre adage, "you can tell someone what to do but you cannot tell them how to do it" is perfectly demonstrated by Chris' video..

  5. Concerning the natural swing could you discuss the breathing……that is do you hold your breath or do you take a breath During the take away and then exhale during the follow-through?

  6. This club is torturing me, driving me to distraction and undermining my game. Your video instruction tips has giving me confidence I can overcome my troubles. I'm off to the course to implement your instruction.

  7. Dear Chris Ryan. This video changed my driver game from 100% useless to almost perfect, I simply could not hit the ball at all (i'm a newbie, only 6 months in golf) and just the visual aid of thumbs and back of shoulder pointing towards the target in the backswing, was my EUREKA moment. Thank you so much for this. I would recommend this to any newbie trying to hit their driver.

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