An App That Analyzes Your Golf Swing? We Tested Out BirdieBud | The New App To Help Your Golf Swing

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In Today's video, we provide a breakdown of our experience using the new mobile app for iOS: BirdieBud. BirdieBud is an app that can help you analyze and improve your swing using AI. The app captures your swing and automatically extracts the movement of joints in your body through AI. You can watch and review a video sequence of your swing motion.

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Fritz Flokstra says:

Giveaway Entry

Gabriel Hanson says:

Giveaway entry

Michael says:

Giveaway entry. Certainly worth the cost of a golf ball or two for a trial month!
Just noticed – is this for Apple only? 😪 Doesn't appear in Play Store (Android).

len deschaine says:

Giveaway entry

steve edgerly says:

give away entry

Betsy Bennis says:

Giveaway entry

Colleen Webbles says:

Golf technology has come a long way! Looks to be very helpful!

Aaron Steele says:

This is cool! I film my swing quite a bit, but don’t really know what to do with the info. Could definitely use some help.

Eugene Carroll says:

Giveaway Entery

Golf Daily says:

Giveaway Entry for the 🏆✌

Betsy Bennis says:

This is so cool! I need all the help I can get with my
Swing 🏌🏽‍♀️

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