Swing Catalyst Golf Analyzer REVIEW & How To Use Cameras & Software

Golf Swing Analyzer – Watch as we do a full Swing Catalyst Review of the golf swing analysis software and golf swing camera system. One of the most common questions I get is “What is the best golf swing analyzer?” Swing Catalyst golf swing video software really packs in all of the features I get asked about often from my viewers. Ford the best pricing and information on Swing Catalyst Software & Golf Swing Video Cameras. Email: a98cr125@gmail.com

One of the things I enjoy most about the Swing Catalyst Golf Software is that it has the ability to pull in the full ball and club data from my Foresight Sports GCQuad. This data is then stored with my swing video and makes is so much easier to communicate with my swing coach on what is going on with each swing. Swing Catalyst Golf makes his job easier by not only have a quality video to review but the full club and ball data to get the full picture for proper golf instruction.

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Praised by top coaches around the world, Swing Catalyst is the preferred video analysis software, offering all the tools you need to fine-tune the golf swing.

Swing Catalyst Golf is the #1 golf video analysis software on the market. It’s comprehensive and powerful, praised by coaches and players around the world for its user-friendliness.

Capture live video from a range of cameras, including high-speed cameras or import videos straight from your smartphone. Analyze your swings with all imaginable drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay and side by side comparison.

Branded Golf Swing Analyzer Video Lessons
Record video summaries of your lessons branded with your own name, logo and contact details in just a click. Then share it with your students through YouTube, email or Swing Catalyst Online.

Branded Video Lessons
Record video summaries of your lessons branded with your own name, logo and contact details in just a click. Then share it with your students through YouTube, email or Swing Catalyst Golf Online.

This high-speed USB 3.0 camera is a portable alternative that is very easy to set up and use.

The camera offers up to 226 fps (PC hardware dependent) and produces high-quality color images in 1.6 Megapixels with a 1440 by 1080 resolution. It has the new Sony IMX273 sensor.


Golf Swing Analyzer Camera
Blackfly USB 3 camera
Global Shutter Lens (2.8 – 10 mm)
USB3 cable (15 feet/4.5m)
Adapter for mount

226 FPS
1440×1080 pixels
Camera recommended distance is 10ft (3m) from camera lens to hands of player. Minimum distance is 7′

Sensor Data Integration
If you own a Swing Catalyst Balance Plate or a 3D Motion Plate, the software seamlessly integrates and synchronizes all this data with your video. If you are using FlightScope or Foresight GC2/GCQuad, all ball flight and club data are integrated and stored together with the video images.

Live video stream
The Swing Catalyst software supports live video capture from up to 4 cameras simultaneously (all camera angles fully synchronized). The software supports a range of high-speed USB- and GigE cameras along with some analog cameras (e.g. CCTV).

Sensor Plates
The Balance Plate and the 3D Motion Plate adds an important dimension to golf instruction. Elements such as pressure shift, detailed foot pressure distribution and ground reaction force cannot be determined by the best trained eye or even expensive high-speed cameras. All this information is revealed by the Balance Plate and the 3D Motion Plate and perfectly synchronized with the video images in the Swing Catalyst software.

Ball flight – and Club Tracking Devices
If you are using a FlightScope, Foresight GC2/GCQuad, SkyTrak or a Full Swing Golf simulator, all ball flight- and club data are seamlessly integrated and stored together with the swing catalyst golf swing analysis video images. These tracking devices can also be used to automatically trigger the video recordings.

Thank you for watching this review of Swing Catalyst. If you have more questions about the Swing Catalyst Golf Software or Cameras feel free to email me at: a98cr125@gmail.com We will continue to cover the Swing Catalyst Software so be sure to let me know what you want to see.

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Camera Discussion
04:58 Swing Catalyst Settings (How to Setup)
07:53 Swing Catalyst Profiles
08:20 Swing Catalyst Cloud
08:55 Swing Catalyst Capture Mode
10:10 First Golf Swings
11:07 Swing Catalyst Video Review
16:15 Swing Catalyst Lessons
20:45 Golf Swing Comparison
22:25 Wrap Up

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  1. Looking to Buy Swing Catalyst Software, Cameras, or other Golf Simulator Hardware or Software? I can help, just shoot me an email at: a98cr125@gmail.com – Be sure to comment below and let me know what you would like to see next on Swing Catalyst or if you have any questions. Thank you for watching!

  2. I recently purchased the SC program through Foresight but have been frustrated trying to save a video file in anything other than their standard ".take" file format. What am I missing?

  3. Great video Jay! Amazing software. 2 questions: 1) the $595 price you mentioned, is that for both cameras or each? 2) is the monthly cost the same for an individual user vs for a coach? Thx for your time

  4. Have you tried using the black fly cameras with uneekor view software? Curious if they are compatible and if so what frame rate you can get. Many people looking for more affordable alternative to swing optix with similar or better performance.

  5. I’m going to buy TGC 2019 and Creative Golf 3D today “ Just got my Mevo +”. Where do you recommend I buy TGC 2019 and Creative Golf 3D ?

  6. Jay, I'm curious. Would this integrate with Uneekor? And along those lines, doesn't Uneekor have a similar sort of swing analysis program for the EyeXO? Or is this more of a "souped up" version?

    Looks like a really nice program. Thanks for putting together.

  7. Jay, Great review.I have the same setup and agree that it is really great. You might point out that the GCQ only integrates with SC if you subscribe to the PRO version. I subscribe to the Basic($49/mo) and use FsPerformance App on my iPad Pro 12.6 to view my ball/club data. Really enjoy you site!

  8. Great review Jay. This software looks awesome. Appreciate you keeping us up to date on all the latest golf simulator technology. Do you know if they have plans to support Uneekor launch monitors in the future?

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