Anna Rawson Shows You How to Hit a Checked Wedge Shot-Sexiest Shots in Golf-Golf Digest

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Want to make the golf ball your bitch? Pro golfer Anna Rawson gives you a few pointers on how to hit a checked wedge shot.

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Anna Rawson Shows You How to Hit a Checked Wedge Shot-Sexiest Shots in Golf-Golf Digest

Starring: Anna Rawson

Braemar Country Club (

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liam f says:

I would fucking clean her groves, with me tongue…. the dirty slut

2ndAveLine says:

Or you could hit a lower loft punch and run to the right side of the green
and pray…wait, that’s not sexy

Marc Johnson says:

Dude she’s not even that attractive to be completely honest…. Now Ronda
Rousey…..JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

kwan Lam says:

These video tips are amazingly easy to follow and learn. Can Anna and Blair
do a series of SEXY SAND SHOTS from a variety of different bunkers.

nick pritchard says:

Yet another great video.
I have got to go and relieve myself now as my balls are about to explode.
Thanks Anna. 

tigerbalm says:

Very easy to remember! Concise and interesting, not over-analized…

sadsaalidhaalskdjhasald says:

Mark Crossfield is sexier.

Clint Wilber says:

Um, I didn’t see a two hop stop and if it checked it was weak. Maybe it was
because you were hitting out of the rough. 

Peter Dunne says:

I can appreciate a fine woman golfer but this is cheap crap. Not

David Kestner says:

Seriously! Have you no shame. We’re supposed to think a scantily clad,
ugly socks, mediocre professional golfer is going to help us improve our
game? Come on!!! I’ll pass on this series!!

DodgyNZ says:

“In this case, dirty is NOT better” … innuendos are the best way to get
my attention.

Jimmy K says:


Quang Kelly Trinh says:

“Go in baby” LOL

Mark Bailey says:

Good tip!! Just a few simple things and I get a nice up and down.

Justin Lee says:

I’d eat it…

Richard Callaghan says:

Love Anna Rawson!

Zach Shlien says:

Not digging the socks

9tonite says:

“makes the golf ball your bitch”! I just love the way she talks dirty. Who
cares if she’s too skinny and flat chested to be a bombshell.

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